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36 thoughts on “Write a Guest Post”

  1. Dear sir,, i m a MCA final year student !! Presently i m working for my campus recruitment study.. sir plz tell me about something that i can easily handle stress and make a good confidence level….


    1. During Campus Placements, its a stressful time. I’m suggesting you from my personal experience…

      1. Be selfish to prepare for Campus recruitment, and forget fun and friends until Placements are over.

      2. Don’t compare yourself with others. Don’t ask other’s preparation progress.

      3. Don’t talk to anybody. Your thoughts should only contain numbers, formulas, methods. If you talk to others, your brain will occupy unnecessary thoughts.

      4. Hard work pays: So work hard for placements, latter you can enjoy your efforts you put for placements.

      Also read this link, It could be useful to you..


  2. hi nice to know about you…. i have query here…i have scored 59.88 percentage in BE… this will be considered as first class or second class in vtu certificates??


  3. I need to consolidate 6 individual marks card. Is it possible to get it on the same day. Please reply. Its urgent.


  4. Hello Sir,

    Myself Dr. Merlene Ann. I need an information pertaining certificate genuineness checking. As a part of recruitment process at Kuwait ministry, Kuwait embassy at New Delhi has sent a request letter with ten questions on authenticity of the certificate, its equivalence etc along with a copy of B.E certificate to Register Evaluation Department of VTU. May I know what formalities I need to carry out to make them send the reply to Kuwait embassy . It would have been really grateful if you could help me in this matter.


  5. Dear Sir,
    I want to know about VTU HRD attestation as i am working in Saudi. Can you do me a favor by helping me knowing the complete procedure. What will be the best option for me.


  6. HI Suresh,
    I’d like to know if the marks obtained in the exams for clearing the backlogs are added in the main engineering percentage in VTU or not?


  7. Hi my brother doing PUC in his college they r doing IIT CET coaching for engineering & normal CET coaching were conducting plz suggest him which one is better 2 join


  8. Hi Arun,

    If you would like to study in IIT institutes then get IIT CET coaching.

    Normal CET coaching is probably for KCET. that is, Karnataka Engineering colleges only.

    IIT coaching must be quite advanced than KCET.


  9. Hello Suresh

    I found this blog when i was checking on how to get a degree certificate if yours is lost.

    I would like to know how will the duplicate certificate that we get will look like. Will it be written duplicate or is it exactly the same as the one i have.

    my certificates are not lost. but i travel a lot, so just in case of some theft or so. I completed by degree in 2007 from VTU.


  10. Hi Suresh,

    need urgent reply

    B.E. –> (2005- 2009) VTU Gulbarga region REC, BHALKI
    I was back logged in two subjects in sem 6 and cleared in 8th sem. But I never took the mark sheet for these subjects separately. I have all marks card 1 to 8 with convocation but not that one.
    my question: As it is quite late, from where I can collected that mark sheet – my engg. college or VTU office ?
    If college, then fine
    If VTU office, which center ? I mean, can I collect it from Bangalore center ?

    please help me on this, will be much thankful to you.


    1. Hi UserRah,

      Go to your college first. If your college doesn’t have then you have to go to VTU, Belgaum.


  11. I have completed my BE from VTU in Sep 2014. I am applying for higher studies abroad and the universities there are asking me whether my degree is conferred. Though my studies have been completed, I have not yet received my degree certificate. So what is my current status? Is my degree conferred or not?


  12. Hello Suresh,

    I need specific details about the VTU certificates coz i am not from VTU and this is for my wife. It would be great if u can mail me your personal email id or phone number to discuss on the same and that would be great help.


  13. Hello..suresh,I am trying for Canada immigration,so they hv some requirements like, I need to send attested copies of marks card(1-8 semstr),degree certificate and wes form in sealed envelope from vtu .so can plz tell me the procedure to get attested copies of all these and amount of money I should pay.
    Can I get it by postal?
    One more thing is that I don’t hv consolidated individual marks card..i think I hv a total of 12 marks card for all 8 semesters(passed back papers).so should i consolidate marks card before attestation or without consolidation I can gt attestd.

    Plz reply.


  14. hello sir,

    i am facing a lot of trouble as the vtu board people are not providing me with proper information. i want to apply for transcripts as i am applying for masters. The doubt i have is whether i can apply for transcripts when i have cleared all the main subjects till 8th sem but since i could not clear ADVANCED DIPMATH-I which is just a mandatory subject. Can i apply for transcripts for all the other semesters ?
    Please revert back.


  15. Hey Suresh! Great work you’re doing here! I’ve seen some discussions on this forum about methods to get the official VTU transcripts, but none of them dating to this month. I am sending VTU my documents now so I thought it’s be great if you could give your insight on the list of things I must courier to them for the official transcripts.

    Look forward to hearing from you!


  16. Hello.. i have 1 backlog in 8 sem i m gonna write that exam in jan 2017.. do i get the PDC in odd sem ?? and what will be the year of passing jan 2017 or june 2017???


  17. Thank u suresh jonna.. Now only i am studyihg B.tech IT 2nd year.. but i got more information about placements,solving aptitude ques etc.,in your articles..


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