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What is a Convocation Degree Certificate?

VTU Degree Certificate or Convocation degree certificate is a certificate that certifies you that you have completed the Engineering, passing all the subjects, successfully. It is a proof that you are an engineer. You can hang your certificate, if you love, on the wall of your house or office to prove that you are an engineer.

When do you get Convocation Degree certificate?

If you have applied, you’ll get your Degree Certificate one year after the completion of engineering. Like, if you have completed the engineering in January 2000, then you’ll get your Degree certificate  only after January 2001.

In fact you receive the degree certificate during Convocation. Convocation is A formal ceremony at a college or university, as for the conferring of awards. Convocation usually happens on every Feb, mar, or April.

You have to ask your college or VTU about the Convocation dates, so that you’ll know when you’ll receive your Degree certificate.

Convocation Day happens during Feb. Mar, April

Convocation happens during Feb, Mar, or April in VTU; Photo Courtesy:

How to apply for Convocation Degree Certificate?

  • In your college, you are prompted to apply for Degree certificate by your teachers in 6th or 7th semester.
  • If you have missed the chance to apply for Degree certificate in your college or if you have lost the degree certificate, then you have to follow the below procedure to obtain it.

Things required: DD, Application form, Envelope, and Letter

once you are ready with all the above things, Follow the below steps

Step 1: Fill the application form:

Go to any Engineering college affiliated to VTU and ask for Convocation application form; they might charge a little amount. Fill the application form and get Principal’s Signature of your college.

Step 2: Make DD

  • Degree Certificate will cost you 600 rupees. So, you have to  make a DD  of  600 Rupees

But if you are applying for Degree certificate one year after the completion of your engineering then make a DD of 700 Rupees.

Similarly, if you are applying for Degree certificate 2 years after the completion of your engineering, then make a DD for 800 rupees, And so on…. in this way 100 rupees is added every year as penalty

  • And In case you lost your Degree Certificate, you can obtain a duplicate degree certificate by making a DD of  Rs. 1400+(Rs. 100 x number of years since your completion of engineering)

Follow this :

  • Go to any nationalized bank such as Syndicate bank, SBI, Canara Bank, Vijaya bank etc… and ask them to make DD in Favor of Finance Officer, VTU Belgaum. Apart from DD , they will also charge you for the bank service. which may be 10 to 200 rupees
  • You can make a single DD instead of making Multiple DDs
  • Note Down the DD Number , Xerox it, and keep it safe
  • And don’t forget to write your phone number, Email, and address behind the DD for the proof of identification.

Step 3: Write a letter

Write a letter to Registrar requesting for Degree certificate. Letter must contain when is your year of passing engineering, your Name, USN, Phone number, Home address, college name, DD number.

Step 4:  Envelope

  • Put the DD, Application form, Passed marks cards, and the letter in the envelope.
  • Write the below address on the envelope

The Registrar(Evaluation) 
Visvesvaraya Technological University
“Jnana Sangama”
Machhe Belgaum: 590 01

  • Write Your Address on the other side
  • Remember! VTU doesn’t accept application received from outside India

Step 5: Submit

  • Speed post it or
  • Visit VTU Belgaum before 12 PM, and submit personally or
  • Submit in your college

Here is a Sample Degree certificate that I took from a friend to post it here …

VTU Degree Certificate

Sample: VTU Convocation Degree Certificate

For More Info:

The Registrar(Evaluation)
Visvesvaraya Technological University
“Jnana Sangama”
Machhe Belgaum: 590 018

Tele: 0831-2498136
Fax: 0831-2405461
e-mail :


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