How to go to VTU Belgaum for Receiving documents? The Procedure

In order to get the documents quick and easy or in case you are confused and lost, it’s better to go to VTU Belgaum. You can get any documents just in 8 hours. You just have to spend one entire day at VTU Belgaum. Yet, sometimes, in rare cases, it could be necessary to spend 2 days in VTU Belgaum.

You can go to Belgaum by Bus or by train. It takes 8 to 10 hours to reach Belgaum from Bangalore – I am not aware from other places. Once you get down at VTU, it takes  30 minutes to 1 hour to reach VTU office depending upon traffic. Usually, there is no traffic in Belgaum.

Autorickshaw is the best transport to reach VTU. Take a local bus while coming back to Belgaum Railway station or bus station.  Ask why a bus? Because you may not find autorickshaws when you have to go back to the station in the evening.

You may follow these steps given below to plan your journey to VTU. And sorry about the quality of the pictures in this post.


Step 1: Booking ticket to Belgaum

By railways: 

First, check whether you can get railway tickets to Belgaum from this site:,

It is always good to book tickets 15 to 20 days in advance. Book tickets such a way that you reach VTU before 9 AM in the morning.

By bus:

If you are planning to travel by Bus, check whether tickets are available from this site:

It’s good to book tickets 2 to 3 days in advance. Book tickets such a way that you reach VTU office before 9 AM in the morning.


Step 2: What must be carried to VTU Belgaum?

A college bag, original BE marks cards/photocopy of marks cards, SSLC/10th Marks card, driving license, college ID, stapler, gum, passport size and stamp size photos, pen, pencil, eraser.


Step 3:  From Railway station/Bus station to the VTU Office.

By auto:

Once you reach Belgaum Bus station or railway station, it’s better to hire an autorickshaw to go to VTU.  Ask the auto driver to go to VTU Office, GnanaSangama. Don’t pay more than Rs. 70 to Rs. 100 to the Auto driver to go to VTU office. It takes around 30 minutes to 1 hour to reach VTU.

By Bus: 

I don’t recommend Bus because you’ll get late and you don’t understand where you are heading, but in Auto, you can communicate with the auto driver for any information.

Make sure you submit your documents before 12 PM, Or else they will ask you to come tomorrow.


Step 4: At the VTU Office

VTU had a very huge campus. Very clean and very few people walk on the campus.

VTU Campus Belgaum
Huge VTU Belgaum Campus
VTU Belgaum VTU Documents, Convocation Certified Degree Certificate
VTU Entrance,  Courtesy:


Auto Driver will drop you inside the VTU campus. Wherever he drops you inside the campus, first ask or look for State Bank of Mysore. Once you see the SBM, walk towards the VTU registrar office building which is opposite to the bank.  You have to go to the 2nd floor where the registrar office(Exam section) is located. Registrar office is on the 2nd floor.


State Bank of Mysore Opposite to VTU Registrar Office
State Bank of Mysore, opposite to Registrar Building. You can make DD from this Bank


VTU Belgaum VTU Documents, Convocation Certified Degree Certificate
Way to Registrar Examination Building on the 3rd floor. In Front of SBM

Remember, you don’t meet The Registrar. You meet the Receptionist in the registrar office. The receptionist is responsible to collect your application forms or any other details, and she or he is also responsible to distribute the documents.

All kinds of application forms such as PDC, CMC, Transcript are readily available at the VTU Registrar office in bulk just like deposit forms in the bank. So you don’t have to carry any application forms to VTU Belgaum.

VTU Belgaum VTU Documents, Convocation Certified Degree Certificate
Outside Registrar office on the 2nd floor. Submitted my application form at 11AM and waiting to collect my documents at 4PM.
VTU Belgaum VTU Documents, Convocation Certified
Opposite to Registrar Office Room

Also remember, sometimes you are asked to get your Marks cards/application form attested before applying for any documents. You can get them attested from the VTU campus itself.  The receptionist will tell you where to get attested. You just have to go where she/he tells you to go for attestation.

VTU Belgaum VTU Documents, Degree Certified
Getting my Gazetted officer attestation here


Step 5: After Submission

After submitting your documents, the receptionist will ask you to come back at 5 pm in the evening.  Until then you can stay in the VTU campus and hang around in the campus.

There is a canteen, some shops, bakery, general stores Next to the SBM. Neat and clean bathrooms are also available.

Canteen(Next to SBM Bank) VTU Documents, Convocation Certified Belgaum Canteen
Canteen Next to the SBM Bank

Step 6: At 5PM

At this time you’ll face a crowd of applicants waiting to collect their documents. The receptionist will call out the names of the applicants to take the documents. Be ready with Photo ID proof to show it to the receptionist.

VTU Documents, Convocation Certified
Received my Documents the same day at 4PM

Step 7: Go back

Once you receive the documents, go to the State Bank of Mysore.  Take a bus that goes to railways station or Bus station.

Usually, all the buses go to railway and Bus station.

However, if you find Auto, you can hire, but don’t pay more than Rs. 70 to 100.