How to get Duplicate of Lost Degree Certificate/Marks Card of VTU?

If you have lost your original marks card or Degree certificate due to fire or any other means, you have to follow the below procedure to get the VTU duplicate marks card or degree certificate.

Requirements to get the Duplicate documents:

  1. Make an Affidavit on Rs. 20 Stamp Paper
  2. Write a complain letter to a police station and get an FIR filed.
  3. Go to a police station
  4. Make an Online Payment for your required certificates.
  5. Fill the application form
  6. Submit


Step 1. Make an Affidavit (Approx Rs 220)

  • Go to a Civil Court, or to a place where people sit with typewriters on the road. the typists usually can be found around registrar offices, driving licensing offices…
  • Tell the typist that you have lost College certificate and you need Affidavit. He will ask you… where you have lost, when you have lost, how you have lost, USN number, Month & Year of passing, Course, Branch, college.
  • Now, leave the rest to him.  He will ask you to wait and starts typing something on Green colored 20 Rupees Bond paper about your loss of certificate.
  • Once the typing is complete, you need to get the Bond paper signed and sealed by a lawyer which the typist will take care of getting signed and sealed by a lawyer.
  • After all this, your Affidavit is ready and the typist will charge you around Rupees 200 for the service.
  • Xerox  your Affidavit

Reference: VTU Guidelines for the issue of Duplicate Marks Card

Step 2. Write a complain letter to a police station

You can ask the typist to write a complaint letter for you, for which he will charge some amount, or you can write a letter on your own.

Step 3. Go to a police station

  • Go to the nearest police station from where you have lost your certificate.
  • Tell them you have lost your certificate and need to apply for a duplicate certificate from the university. And show them the Affidavit and the complaint letter.
  • The police will take your xerox copy of Affidavit, and will sign/seal your complaint letter.
  • Don’t give the original Affidavit to the police.
  • If you have bribed, then report your bribe here:

Step 4. Make an Online Payment

  • Make online payment VTU Payment Link VTU has removed the PayUMoney link and now allows payment through Online SBI Bank
  • For lost marks card make a payment of Rs. 300 for each marks card + Rs. 50 per academic year
    For Example, you got 6th sem marks card in 2014 and you lost it in 2018. Cost is 300+4*50=500
  • For lost Duplicate degree Certificate make a payment of rupees 2000 + 200 per year
    For Example, you got the certificate in 2012 and you lost it in 2018. Cost is 2000+6*200=3200

Note: VTU has removed the PayUMoney link from its website

VTU Payment Link
Click State Bank of India
VTU Payment Link 2
Click Proceed
VTU Payment Link 3
VTU Payment Link 4
Choose the required certificate and enter amount
VTU Payment Link 5
VTU Payment Link 5
VTU Payment Link 6
Choose your mode of payment


Step 5. Fill the application form


Step 6: Submit

Put all the documents(Complaint letter, Affidavit, application form) into an A4 Size envelope cover.

You can choose one of the below options to submit your documents.

Option 1: Submit at VTU Bangalore Regional center or any other VTU regional center nearest to you.

VTU Bangalore Regional Centre:

Visvesvaraya Technological University, Regional Center Bangalore,
# 351, CA Site no 2, Karnataka Health & Family Welfare Housing co-operative society Extension, Annapoorneshwarinagar, Nagarbhavi, Bangalore-560079 080-23181188

Other VTU Regional centers

Option 2: Speed post it to VTU Belgaum through DTDC or Professional courier, or some other mailing service to the below-given address,

The Registrar(Evaluation)
Visvesvaraya Technological University
“Jnana Sangama”, Machhe Belgaum: 590 018

You’ll receive your CDC in 15 to 20 working days.

Option 3: Visit VTU Belgaum before 12 PM along with your college ID, DL for photo identification, and submit personally, and receive your CDC on the same day in the evening.

Please Note:

If you plan to submit at VTU Belgaum then you don’t need to carry the xerox copy of marks, No need of anybody’s signature, No need of anybody’s attestation (Gazetted officer Attestation can be done in VTU), No need of the letter.

See how I got my Convocation Degree Certificate: How to go to VTU, Belgaum for Receiving documents? The Procedure

Option 4: Submit to your college.

I recommend to submit the documents at VTU Belgaum and receive your duplicate certificates by 4:30Pm  same day, otherwise, you may have to wait forever.