Hair cut for Rs 500:

Today I got a hair cut for Rs/- 500 at a posh hair saloon in Koramangala, Bangalore. I had good opinion about the hair saloon when I first entered inside. Then I saw the hair cutter who looked like a villager. I thought I am going to have a […]

My Brother Dies:

I got a dream in which two separate events happens together: One : Some people get lost in a jungle and a devil kills them all. Two: My brother Dies of an unnatural death, and I cry a lot. My dream started with some people getting killed in […]

Give and Take:

I never heard anyone telling me, “Give party and take back the party”, “Give Gifts and take back the gifts”, until today, when a friend told me about some interesting concept. He believes that the world behaves as we behave. He says, “What we give out to this […]