Alternative Way to Get Your University Transcripts When Everything Else Fails

Please note: Cleartranscripts stopped providing its services to VTU 

I receive overwhelming comments each day in response to the articles I write about VTU. The comments are both encouraging and critical. I would request you to keep the comments and queries coming, as it provides the visitors and me very valuable inputs.

Among all the comments I receive, queries related to official Transcripts is the most. I have helped many, not all, people in getting their transcript(s) on time. I apologize to those whose queries were not answered as I was completely occupied with the work during the time when queries were asked.

Now, let me get to the bottom line. We all know how hard it is to obtain Transcripts – not just Transcripts but other documents as well – Lots of money wasted calling several phone numbers, number of days spent on ditching work and traveling long distances, stay awake in the late nights to figure out how to apply for Transcripts… Eventually all our effort falls on deaf ears… I was a victim myself who was trying to get Transcripts to enroll in to a college in the universities abroad.

It was my ambition to help out as many people as possible to get their documents. Now I have taken my ambition one step forward. I have teamed up with ‘’, a website that provides Transcripts to your doorsteps; whose motto is to simplify the way Transcripts are applied and delivered to its owner without wasting much time. The owners of the website share the same goal as I have: a solution to the problem that every person faces to get University Transcripts. If you consider other developed countries, their universities have their own online system where you can apply for transcripts. We, in India, lack such option. To overcome the problem, ‘‘ has begun working independently.

To apply for the transcripts from, Click here.

Note: You can call these numbers for any questions: India: +91.80.67569290 US: +1.917.4844990 If you need to call the Indian number, the preferred time is 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Indian time. Likewise, if you need to call the US number, the preferred time is 11:30 PM – 11:30 AM Indian Time. Please leave your opinions in the comments section.


How to get VTU Duplicate Certificates of Lost VTU Certificates(Degree and Marks Cards):

If you have lost any original marks card or Degree certificate due to fire or any other means, You have to follow the below procedure to obtain the duplicate certificate.

1.Make an Affidavit (Approx Rs 220)

2.Write a complain letter to police station and get it sealed by them.

3.Go to a police station

3. Make a DD for your required certificates.

4.Go to VTU belguam or just mail all the documents through your college to VTU.

5. Receive your duplicate certificate

1. Make an Affidavit (Approx Rs 220)

  • Go to a Civil Court, or to a place where people sit with typewriters on the road. the typists usually can be found around registrar offices, driving licensing offices…
  • Tell the typist that you have lost College certificate and you need Affidavit. He will ask you… where you have lost, when you have lost, how you have lost, USN number, Month & Year of passing, Course, Branch, college.
  • Now, leave the rest to him.  He will ask you to wait and starts typing something on Green colored 20 Rupees Bond paper regarding your loss of certificate.
  • Once the typing is complete, you need to get the Bond paper signed and sealed by a lawyer which the typist will take care of getting signed and sealed by a lawyer.
  • After all this, your Affidavit is ready and the typist will charge you around Rupees 200 for the service.
  • Xerox  your Affidavit


2. Write a complain letter to police station.

You can ask the typist to write a letter for you; for which he will charge some amount, or you can write a letter on your own.

3. Go to a police station.

  • Go to a nearest police station from where you have lost your certificate.
  • Tell them you have lost your certificate and need to apply for duplicate certificate from university. And show them the Affidavit and the complain letter.
  • The police will take your xerox copy of Affidavit, and  will sign/seal your complain letter.
  • Don’t give the original Affidavit to the police.
  • After all, Police might charge you between Rs 100 to 500.

If you have bribed, then report your bribe here:

4. Make a DD.

  • You have to make a DD in the name of  “Finance Officer, VTU, Belgaum”
  • For lost marks card make a DD of rupees 150/- per marks card +50/- per academic year

For lost Duplicate degree Certificate make a DD of rupees 1400/- +100 per year

  • You can make the DD from any reputed banks.
  • If you plan to go to VTU Belgaum, you can make the DD  there.

for latest fee structure, refer:

5. Submit

  • Now put all the documents(DD, Complain letter, Affidavit) in to a A4 Size envelope cover.
  • You can submit in your college.
  • or You can submit going to VTU Belgaum.

I recommend to submit the documents at VTU Belguam and receive your duplicate certificates by 4:30Pm  same day, otherwise you may have to wait forever.

Refer: How to go to VTU, Belgaum for Receiving documents? The VTU Campus, The Procedure

Courtesy: V J Dilip(Visitor of this site), VTU, and Other Visitors  of this site, Personal experience

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