Restore Windows Photo Viewer If Missing or Removed

If your Windows Photo Viewer is not working or removed from your system, you can restore it easily with the help of a small, simple and easy tool Winaero Tweaker

Download  Winaero Tweaker

After you download and Install Winaero Tweaker, run the application.


Restore Windows Photo Viewer Winaero Tweaker
Restore Windows Photo Viewer Winaero Tweaker

Find ‘Get Classic Apps’ on the left pane.


Restore Windows Photo Viewer Winaero Tweaker
Restore Windows Photo Viewer Winaero Tweaker

Click on the ‘Activate Windows Photo Viewer‘.


Restore Windows Photo Viewer Winaero Tweaker
Restore Windows Photo Viewer Winaero Tweaker


Now you should be able to get back ‘Windows Photo Viewer’

Restore Windows Photo Viewer
Restore Windows Photo Viewer


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Some Basics of converting PSD to HTML

This article is for those who are well aware of HTML/CSS, PSD, and Templates… I am writing this article, in brief, gradually I may extend the content to make it more elaborate. Please share your queries under the comment section. So here it goes…

1. HTML based vs. DIV based

To make the HTML to render across email clients and browsers, a table based design is used instead of DIV based design. Using DIV based design doesn’t render in some browsers and email clients. Therefore stick to Table based design wherever you wish your build to appear on every platform.

2. Slicing the PSD horizontally rather than vertically

Once you get a Design which is obviously in the form of PSD, it’s a developer’s job to convert that design to code.

Before converting the PSD to HTML, a developer has to keep a layout in his mind. A layout has to be such that the contents are sliced horizontally rather than vertically. Slicing the PSD vertically creates problems while writing HTML code for a Web Developer so its preferred to slice horizontally.

3. Coding on Dreamweaver

After making a layout, the next step is to code the layout on HTML platform. Dreamweaver is a preferred platform to code HTML.

4. Must have properties in TDs

Make sure your TD looks like this:

Missing “align” and “valign” in the TD causes rendering issues. And width should not be in terms of percentage.

For Example: <td width=”600″ align=”left” valign=”top”>

5. Always include Display Block, alt, title, border property for all the image tags which should look like this.

<img src=” ” width=”” height=”” alt=” ” title=” ” border=”0″ style=”display: block;”>

6. Table width % or Px ?

Never declare width as 100% to the inner tables. Include 100% to the width only to the outer tables. For the inner tables you can include the width as a number. For example: width=”300”

7. For the images that are below 25px

style=”font-size: 0%;” for all the images whose height is below 25px in the TD,

For example:

<td width=”16″ align=”left” valign=”top” bgcolor=”#ffffff” style=”font-size: 0%; -webkit-text-size-adjust: none;”>height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” title=”” style=”display: block;”></td>

8. Always use style=”-webkit-text-size-adjust: none;” in the body

Some browsers automatically increase the size of the text to suit the browser display. To stop the browser from doing so use the property >>style=”-webkit-text-size-adjust: none;”<<  which disables browsers default size rendering ability.

With the above 8 points, I stop here to continue writing more soon. Please leave your comments.

What is PHP? Understand PHP

PHP Logo
PHP Logo

PHP is an open-source server-side scripting language and not a programming language. It is specific for Web Development hence it can’t be used for developing offline windows based applications.

  1. Open source means that the PHP source code is free to use without having to worry about copyright Law. PHP works on all the Operating System platforms: Windows, Macintosh, or Linux
  2. A Server is a place where the websites are stored. Server-side scripting language means that the PHP code is run directly from the server and not from the client: a client is a browser which could be Firefox, chrome, or IE
  3. Difference between a scripting language and a programming language is that scripting language does something only in response to an event on the web page. The event could be pressing a button on the webpage, and thereby in response, the PHP code from the server is run; whereas in a Programming language, an event is not required to run the code from the server because the code can run from the server automatically without an event being initiated
  4. JavaScript is also a scripting language but it is a client-side scripting language and therefore runs from the client, a browser
  5. Unlike C, C++, or Java, The PHP code doesn’t have to be compiled from the server before executing the code; but The PHP code is run from the server as it is.

Unlike HTML which is used to create static web pages, PHP is used to create dynamic web pages.

  1. A static web page means that a web page does not contain interactive content on the webpage, whereas a dynamic web page means a web page that contains interactive content.
  2. PHP is designed for use with HTML. PHP code can be put into HTML code or vice versa.
  3. HTML has to be learned first before learning PHP.

PHP Syntax is similar to C, JAVA, and Perl language. But it’s not mandatory to learn those languages to learn PHP. In fact, PHP is a lot more similar to ASP (Active Server Pages). ASP is the Microsoft’s version of PHP. If PHP is learned, learning ASP will become easy and vice versa

Over 30 Millions Web sites use PHP and it is the 4th most popular language behind C, C++, and Java

How To Access Internet On Your PC Using Android Phone

The following steps will teach you how to access internet on any PC having Windows OS 8 using your Android Phone’s Internet. What am about to explain you here teaches you to connect to internet using the method  called as ‘USB Tethering’.

This method may also work on any other OS such as Linux, or other Windows OSes which I haven’t tried yet but should work as well. You don’t need any supporting software to configure and start using the Internet.

You Need: Windows 8, Phone cable, and any Android phone

Step 1:

On your Android Phone go to the below screen and touch the settings button marked red in the below picture

Drop Down Screen On Android Phone
Drop Down Screen On Android Phone

Step 2: 

After your press ‘settings’ button you must be able to see the screen as shown below. At this location, under ‘Wireless and Networks‘, choose ‘More Settings“.

More Settings On Android Phone
More Settings On Android Phone

Step 3: 

Now You should be able to see the screen as shown below. Choose “Tethering and Portable hotspot

Tethering And Portable Hotspot
Tethering And Portable Hotspot

Step 4:

Here you have the option to access internet on your PC using WiFi Tethering or Bluetooth Tethering besides USB Tethering. I tried accessing internet using the other two tethering methods which took lot of time to configure. I found USB tethering faster to connect to the internet.

As shown below, at this screen choose ‘USB Tethering’.

Make sure your phone is connected to your PC via USB cable, that comes with your phone, at the time you are  following these steps.

Bluetooth Tethering
USB Tethering

Step 5:

Once you choose USB Tethering you should be able to get this screen which says, ‘Tethered’. Now you are ready to go. Watch what happens on your PC while you perform this step: You must get a message asking you ‘Yes’ or  ‘N0’ question. Just choose ‘Yes’.


Step 6:

Now open your browser and start browsing.


Meaning of Algorithm, Program and Programming Language

Before you begin to understand the meaning of Algorithm, Programming, and Programming language, read the following.

How to make Tea? Analyze the method (Procedure) given below to make tea.

Things required for making tea: Milk, Water, Tea powder, Tumbler, Stove.

Step 1: Boil water in a tumbler for some time.

Step 2: Pour required amount of tea powder into the tumbler and let it boil again for some time.

Step 3: Pour milk and sugar into the tumbler and wait for some time.

Step 4: The tea is ready to be served.

If you have read the above steps, let’s begin. The word Algorithm is a technical term. For a beginner the word Algorithm could mean a scary term to understand. In fact you shouldn’t be worried of the word after you discover its English meaning. The English meaning, the definition, of Algorithm is given below.

“An Algorithm is step by step method to solve a problem

In the above definition, the word ‘method’ can also be called as ‘procedure’. Similarly, the word ‘problem’ can also be called as ‘task’. Therefore, the definition can also be written as,

“Algorithm is a step by step procedure to solve a task

What does the above definition mean? It is explained as follows – we all have various problems in life; Like, making tea is a problem, Driving a car is a problem, stitching a shirt is a problem and many other problems. We can solve each of them easily if we follow a procedure step by step. For Example – If I ask you to make tea, I’m sure you’ll easily make tea. Likewise, what if I ask you to make vegetable cheese pizza? Will you be able to make it? You will, if you know the steps, otherwise you could learn the steps to make it.

A problem can be solved in different methods. Each one of us has a different method to solve a problem. What I am trying to say is, a person can solve any kind of problem if he knows the steps; otherwise he can be instructed to follow the steps. Technically we call such group of steps as Algorithm.


Contrast between Real and Computer World:

In the computer world, the steps are called as Instructions. Each step is called as an Instruction. The method or procedure to solve a problem is called as Program. In real world, a person who knows to make tea is said to have knowledge in making tea. In computer world, we call that person as programmed to make tea; because now he knows the steps and follows a particular method. In other words, he knows the algorithm to make tea.

Programming the Human and the Computer:

We can program a human being to follow steps to solve a problem by instructing him in some human language that he can understand; The languages can be English, Hindi, and Kannada etc. Same thing cannot be applied to program a computer, because a computer cannot be instructed in human language. Therefore, in order to instruct the computer to solve a problem, we have to learn the language that computer can understand. Such Languages are called as computer languages. Some of the computer languages are C, C++, Java etc. using any of these languages we can program the computer to solve a problem.

Some of the examples of problems that a computer can solve are as given below.

  1. Calculation: Using the language C, Microsoft Calculator is programmed to perform calculations
  2. Word processor: It is programmed to type what you press on the keyboard (Also programmed using the Language C)

Send your Resume to any Email ID from your Mobile Phone

This article is written for both a Job seeker as well as a recruiter. Read fully to become a smart job seeker or a smart recruiter. Please comment if you like this article or if you have suggestions.

How many times have you asked your candidate (Job Seeker) to send his/her CV from their E-Mail ID? How many times he/she replied,

  • “I can send the resume only when I reach home Suresh”
  • “I’m driving now Suresh”
  • “I don’t have access to Internet Suresh”
  • “There is no power Suresh”
  • And many more reasons to complain against PC, Internet, and Power.

You can thank God at least they have a 24/7 running Mobile Phone. How does it sound asking them to send their CV from their Mobile Phone wherever they are? Yes, a Mobile Phone. Doesn’t it sound Wow!

So, how is it done? Here how it is done; as given below

1. If a Job Seeker is a Naukri User:

Ask the Job Seeker to SMS “SENDCVTO [email protected]” to 5607055 without quotes

Example: “SENDCVTO [email protected]” to 5607055

2. If a Job Seeker is a Monster user:

Ask the Job Seeker to SMS “FWD [email protected]” to 53030 without quotes

Example: “FWD [email protected]” to 53030

Now they can send their Resume to your Email ID from anywhere and anytime, even if they are in bathroom or shopping Mall or travelling or Midnight or Trekking.

By the way make sure to remember these pre- requisites…….

  • Job Seeker has to be a registered user of
  • To use this service job seeker’s mobile number has to be verified by Naukri/
  • This service is free from But, SMS charges apply

Interesting? Why don’t you try it now? And remember to thank me and thank Naukri/