How to Recharge your Docomo Phone Number from Online

Things Needed: Any Debit Card and its Internet Banking ID and Password, Mobile Phone with Docomo number, Internet access

There are two ways to recharge your Docomo Phone Number.

  1. By visiting a Local shop that does easy recharge or sells you a 16 digits scratch card.
  2. By visiting Docomo recharge website.

The first method is time consuming,while the second method is a time saver. Using Online recharge, anyone can recharge from anywhere across the world anytime without having to depend on anybody else unless you have money in your bank account. Online method allows you to recharge your phone number for different denominations starting from Rs. 10 up-to thousands of rupees. Apart from recharging your phone for currency, you can also recharge your phone for special services, like Internet pack, SMS Pack, Call rate Pack…etc directly from your web browser.

Before you even think of recharging from online, Make sure you have…

  • Debit card number, Its owner’s name, 4 digit Pin Number, and expiry date –  or – Owner’s ID and Password.
  • Internet access – either from PC or Mobile phone.

Following steps illustrates how to make online recharge from your web browser using NetBanking ID and Password.

Step 1: Visit the Docomo online recharge site: In this page, Enter your 10 digit ‘Phone number’ inside the box and press enter to go to the next page.

Online Mobile Recharge 1
Home page –


Step 2: In this second page, choose your recharge type. You may choose either ‘Top up’ to recharge your phone for currency or ‘Special recharge’ for SMS packs, Call rate pack, or Internet pack. If you want to get currency on your phone,  then choose ‘Top Up’ option by pressing ‘More’ More

Online Mobile Recharge————————————–

Step 3: In this page, enter the amount of money that you want to recharge and your Email ID. Lets say you have entered Rs. 11, and then press ‘Submit’ button.

Online Mobile Recharge - 4


Step 4: This is the confirmation page of your chosen denomination(Currency). Just press ‘Pay Now’ and a new window will open, out of the browser.

Online Mobile Recharge - 5


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Search your friend, relative, lost love, or candidate

This article is written for everyone, but it explains in terms of a recruiter’s point of view. Read the following………..

People Search
People Search

As Recruiters we all try to find innovative ways to search a candidate who we feel is suitable for our requirement. Usually, when we have to search a candidate who is already known to us by his/her Email ID or Phone Number or Name, we make use of social network sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, TooStep and other similar sites. We have to notice few points here about these social network sites, as given below.

  • These Social network sites allow you to search a person only within its network. For example, Facebook doesn’t allow you to search LinkedIn database, similarly LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to search Facebook database.
  • You cannot search a person by a specific Phone number, Email ID, and Username  from within and the outside the network
  • These sites are not dedicated people search engines

Google is great search engine to search everything on the earth, but it’s not a dedicated people search engine. How about a search engine….

  • That is capable of searching people across all the social networking sites combined.
  • That is capable of searching specific person by their Phone number, Email ID, and Username
  • That does Deep Search for People.
  • That is capable of finding the presence of a person across all the social networks

Yes we have such sites, and here are few that I discovered so far. All of these people search engines are hyper-focused on finding only people-related information.

  1. Pipl
  2. Spokeo
  3. Wink
  4. Isearch
  5. 123people
  6. PeekYou
  7. yoName
  8. ZoomInfo
  9. Zabasearch
  11. X-ray Linkedin