Academic Calendar for ODD Semester of 2018-2019

The Academic Calendar or the University for the ODD Semester for the academic year- 2018-19 is hereby notified as enclosed. The Principals of affiliated Engineering Colleges, a Constituent College (UBDTEC, Davangere), and PG Departments of VTU, conducting BE/B.Tech./ B.Arch./ M.Tech./ M.Arch./ MBA/MCA courses are hereby informed to bring the contents of this Notification to the notice of all the concerned.

NOTE: Academic Calendar for First Semester M.Tech./M.Arch./MBA/MCA courses will be notified later.

Academic Calendar for ODD Semester of 2018-2019 (Aug 2018 – Jan 2019)

1st Sem B.E/B.Tech/ B.Arch
3rd, 5th Sem B.E/B.Tech 3rd, 5th, 7th, & 8th Sem B.Arch
7th Sem B.E/B.Tech
3rd & 5th Sem MCA
3rd Sem MBA
3rd Sem M.Tech
3rd Sem M.Arch.
Commencement of ODD Semester
01.08.2018 [Internship of 16 Weeks]
Last Working day of ODD Semester
17.01.2019 [Includes 3 Weeks Induction Propram]
Practical Examination
21.01.2019 To 30.01.2019
03.12.2018 To 14.12.2018
06.12.2018 To 14.12.2018
03.12.2018 To 07.12.2018
Theory Examinations
04.02.2019 To 18.02.2019
17.12.2018 To 18.01.2019
17.12.2018 To 18.01.2019
10.12.2018 To 28.12.2018
05.12.2018 To 29.12.2018
05.12.2018 To 22.12.2018
09.01.2019 To 22.01.2019
Summer Project/Professional training
03.01.2019 To 16.02.2019 [Submission of report to VTU by 08.03.2019]
23.07.2018 To 07.09.2018 [Professional training]
Commencement of EVEN Semester



  1. 7th Semester B.E/B. Tech students shall have to undergo Internship for a period of four Weeks.
  2. 1st Semester B.E/B.Tech/B. Arch Students shall compulsorily undergo Induction Program for a period of 3 Weeks as per the schedule is given by VTU.
  3. The faculty/staff shall be available to undertake any work assigned by the university.
  4. If any of the above dates are declared to be a holiday then the corresponding event wilt come into effect on the next working day.
  5. Notification regarding Calendar of Events relating to the conduct of University Examination will be issued by the Registrar (Evaluation) from time to time.

Academic Calendar for ODD Semester 2018-2019
Academic Calendar for ODD Semester 2018-2019

Download PDF: Academic Calendar for ODD Semester 2018-2019

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