Re-Allotment Of Students Studying In The Closed Colleges

Re-allotment of students studying in the colleges requested for Complete Closure for the academic year 2018-19

With reference to the above, the following colleges have requested for Complete Closure of the college from the academic year 2018-19 and the same is approved by the Executive Council of VTU.

Hence, as per the direction of the Executive Council of VTU, the students studying in the aforesaid colleges are being transferred to other affiliated colleges of this University. The detailed schedule is as detailed below:

Name of the College E.C. Resolution Date Date & Time Venue
Shri Pillappa College of Engineering, Bengaluru 2.1.2
7th August 2018at 11:00 AM VTU’s Regional Office, Annapoorneshwari Nagar, Nagarabhavi, 8engaluru
PNS Institute of Technology, Bengaluru 2.1.9
8th August 2018 at 11:00 AM
MVJ College of Engg., Bengaluru (Telecommunication Engg. 5 students) 7th August 2018 at 4:00 PM

Hence, all the students studying in the above colleges are informed to attend the re­al allotment process.

It is brought to the notice of the students and parents that,

  1. The students both eligible / not eligible to higher semester shall appear for the re-allotment. No student is entertained after this procedure to change of college.
  2. The students will be re-allocated in the respective region colleges only.
  3. No student will be re-allocated to Autonomous Colleges.
  4. The fee category will be the same for the students under which they have been admitted during the 1st semester (regular)/  3rd semester (lateral entry) students.
  5. The other fee of the college shall be paid by the student at par with the regular students of the college
  6. The student shall be permitted to appear for the backlog papers in the allotted college if any.
  7. The students shall produce the Identity card or Exam Hall Ticket, CET/Comed-K allotment letter, Receipt of the fee paid (Proof of tuition & other fee paid).
  8. The student shall not claim any kind of relief based on this allotment, and
  9. The student shall abide by all the existing Rules/ Regulations of the University, and the Regulations that may be revised from time to time.

Re-allotment of students studying in the closed colleges
Re-allotment of students studying in the closed colleges

6 thoughts on “Re-Allotment Of Students Studying In The Closed Colleges”

  1. How does the reallotment process is done? Does they allot through marks or we can choose any college im the same region where our old college was there? Need an answer for this plz…


    1. Currently, the Allotment is only for students that belong to Shri Pillappa College of Engineering, PNS Institute of Technology, MVJ College of Engg. Reason for this allotment is because College got closed down or branch got closed down temporarily or permanently

      There will not be any allotment without any reason. For any special case of allotment please check your college administration or contact VTU Helpline Numbers


  2. Do we need to pay any fees at re-allotment time and college fee at new college? If yes, how about management seats who pays at college?


    1. The Re – allotment letters are sent to both parent college and re-allotted college of the students of PNS Institute of Technology and Shri Pillappa College of engineering, Bengaluru. The students are informed to report to re-allotted college on or before 18-08-2018 without fail.


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