How to Submit URL to Bing Webmaster Tools to Index?

Submit URL to Bing
Submit URL to Bing

In order to submit your URL to Bing to Index, you must have an account with Bing Webmaster

By manually submitting URLs you can expect Bing to display your results quicker than usual on its Search engine results page.

However, Bing does crawl your site and update the new URLs and content in its database. The crawling your site takes place periodically.

To add your URL for manual indexing, in the left side pain, go to “Submit URLs” under “Configure My Site“. Here you can add your list of URLs on separate lines and submit for indexing.

Submitting URLs manually sound great but Bing does not allow you to submit more than 10 URLs a day and not more than 50 URLs a month.  So, you have a limitation on how many URLs you can submit per day/month. You have to be very careful about what URLs require great attention for indexing.

At the time of submitting URLs, Bing lets you know how many URLs are allowed for that day and for that month. Google also has the similar feature to add URLs to its Index.  It is called as “Fetch as Google”.

If you compare with Google’s “Fetch as Google” with Bing’s “Submit URLs”, Google lets you add 10 to 20 URLs day against Bing’s 50 URLs a month or 10 URLs a day. You can see Google is better than Bing when it comes to adding URLs manually. When it comes to ease of use, Bing takes one step ahead of Google. This is because Bing allows you to add multiple URLs at a time which is not possible with Google. Also, in Google, before you submit a URL to index, you have to verify the annoying reCaptcha. This is a very time-consuming task if you have many URLs to submit.

Bing URL Submission Limitation
Bing URL Submission Limitation

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