What is extract of marks card (VTU)?

What is Extract of marks card?

Extract of marks card is the statement of marks of a semester printed on an A4 sized plain white sheet. The sheet contains the usual VTU header, name, USN, college name, details of marks scored, result, etc.

It will be signed by Registrar (evaluation).

When do you need Extract of marks card?

You need it when you have not received your original marks card from the university. Instead of waiting for your marks card getting printed at VTU, you can request for Extract of marks card from the university.

Extract of marks card is equal to original marks card, except printed in black ink on a plain paper and without lamination. It carries the same value and authenticity as the original marks card.

Any institution seeking original marks card will accept the “extract” when you are yet to receive original marks card.

How to get Extract of marks card?

You can apply for Extract of marks card after your VTU results are declared. Simply go to the nearest VTU regional center and submit a handwritten application requesting an extract of your marks card along with the fee. Extract of marks card costs Rs. 250 per semester.

Please check the latest fee structure: VTU List of Application Forms and Fee


44 thoughts on “What is extract of marks card (VTU)?”

  1. what is the exact different between “Extract of marks card” and a “Single Consolidated marks card”.which one is better?
    Can we get both certificates at VTU regional office at bangalore?


    1. Hi Isuru,

      Single Consolidated marks card is always better.

      I never used or seen an Extract of Marks card; and never imagined that I may need such thing as extract of marks card. So, you can take it easy.

      I am not much aware of Difference between Single CMC and Extract of Marks card. But, what I guess is, extract of marks card is for those who doubt there marks given in the original marks card is wrong and so they apply for extract of marks to verify.

      Someone reading this, please share your knowledge about Extract of marks card.


      1. Hi suresh / anyone reading this,
        Currently i have passed out of college but during my 8th sem i had a backlog which i cleared. currently i have pending back logs in 6th and 7th sem. My issue is that i want a marks card for my 8th sem only. I wanted to take a consolidated marks card for 8th sem which my college said i cant take. so im planning to apply for a extract of marks card for 8th sem. I want to ask you if this “extract of marks card” for 8th sem will mention the original marks or the new marks where i have cleared the 8th sem.
        Also is there anyway i can contact you via email/whatsapp/ facebook?
        Thanks and regards


    2. Hi I would like to apply for the extract of marks card for 8 sem,since the original mark card is being late to receive. May I know where will be the extract of mark card that I have applied will be received,is it to my residence or to the college I have studied. At which address I have to take DD of Rs 175


  2. Hi, I don’t have originals of few semesters (don’t ask how come or why), can I still get extracts or consolidated marks cards by submitting princi attested – downloaded marks sheets?


        1. HI Dilip,

          First, check to see if there are any more documents left in your college; If not, use whatever documents you have at the moment and take photocopies. Then, proceed to VTU Belgaum with whatever documents you have.

          Don’t hesitate. Your Documents are either with VTU or with your college. Its your duty and right to get your documents. If you are confused about documents, the VTU has to give you solution, because they know where your documents are. If they don’t know where they are, they can at-least print your documents easily.


    1. Hello…
      I have completed my be and waiting for my results recently i discovered that I have lost my 4th sem marks card, I don’t know when and how, what should I do…..? Does duplicate marks card resemble same as original or (DUPLICATE) is printed over it….?please guide me in this regard…thank you


  3. Hii, Extract of marks card is the statement of marks of a semester…

    In a A4 sized plain white sheet they will print the usual VTU header, name, usn, college name, details of marks scored, result, etc.

    It will be signed by hand by Registrar (evaluation) – the same guy whose printed signature is seen on every original marks cards, pdc, transcript, etc.

    It’s equal to original marks card, except printed in black ink on a plain paper and without lamination. The officials there assured me that it has got the same value and authenticity as the original marks card. Any institution seeking original marks card will accept the “extract”.

    You have to write a letter to “Registrar (Evaluation), VTU, Belgaum” stating a reason for asking the extract. It costs Rs. 175/- per copy per semester.

    You will not get all semester scores in a single extract, but in a single letter u can request for extract of each semester and thus it costs Rs. 175 X No. of semesters X No. of copies. At VTU, Belgaum if you apply before 12PM, you will get the same by 4 in the evening, subject to availability of the registrar. you can also apply in regional centers. I will put the link to the screenshot of an ‘extract’ soon.



    1. Hi…
      Ur post is good … i completed B.E in dec-jan-2012 so when wil i get my 8th sem marks card and degree certificate , my batch 2007-2011 .. can i apply for my 8th sem marks card extract ? if i want it urgently , will that contain same as the original marks card or only 8th sem marrks …

      Thanks for the reply in advance


  4. Hi.. I am 2008-2012 passed out batch ..i need 8th sem provisional marks card within 5 days as i need to give to the company which i got selected…how wil i get it ..pls help me on this…reply me asap…Thank u..


  5. Hey i have 2 marks card for a semester one which i had cleared for the back subject .is there any way to get single marks for that semester which includes the marks of the cleared subject


  6. hai…i dont have my 8th sem original marks card yet.. can i apply for CMC by using the print out of 8th sem marks…?


  7. i lost my 5sem back subject marks card which i got passed in 6sem,i need it within 1day how cud i get…plz reply me soon…..


  8. Hi Sir,

    I have passed out in 2008, I have failed in one subject in 3rd Semester and i cleared in Revaluation. But i dint receive the Passes marks card all i have is failed 3rd sem marks card i dont have any proof that i passed it even xerox.
    Question : Now should i apply for duplicate 3rd sem marks card (It takes long time : i need it in few days) or shall i apply for Extract marks card of 3rd sem if i apply for extract marks card will i get my passed marks in it. I i apply for transcripts do i get my passed marks in it ?


  9. I had back in one subject in 7th sem 2011, cleared with 8th sem in 2012. But not yet got the original mark sheet for both til now. college is telling that it will take 1 month…..
    But i need my original marks cards urgently, is there any way of getting both of them quickly.. PLEASE REPLY


  10. hi
    can u please tell me how to make the payment for exrtraction of marks card.
    do i need to make a DD ? If yes then in whose name…


  11. hello,i am akhil….
    i have got one subject back in my first semester.and soon in the second semester i got it cleared..but the problem is that i have two seperate marks card for the first semester.
    one the original marks sheet mentioning the result as fail and one more marks card with the marks of that back subject cleared in the second sem..
    so is there any possible way to make those two seperate marks sheet as a singlemmarks sheet


  12. hi would i be able to get an extract of my 8th semester marks card too? How many days does it take if i apply for the extract at the bangalore regional office??
    Can i use photocopies of the extract to apply for a consolidated marks card later as i am yet to obtain the original marks cards of my backlog subjects.


  13. my self poornima,,i need 1 marks to get 1st class in my 1st sem ,and i recived my 1st sem marks card with second class..what should i do to make my result as 1st class..n now m in 4th sem




  15. sir,, i got grace marks in 2 semesters (ie., totally 10 marks grace)..for calculating final aggregate do i need to consider that marks??? i got 69.88% as aggregate.. is there any grace marks to make it 70%????


    1. Hi Manisha,

      You can consider your grace marks to calculate your aggregate.

      If you want more grace marks I don’t think they will give you freely. You have to earn it.


  16. sir, i had a back in 3rd sem and cleared it in 4th sem ,know to calculate the percentage can i add the total after clearing the arrear ie, 1st attempt i got 48
    when i wrote that subject again i got 62

    so my 1st attempt total was 461
    2nd attempt when i take 62 ie, 461-48 = 413
    +62=475 is this correct ???


  17. Hi Suresh,
    I am M Tech PG student who gave my viva exam on 30/10/2013. I need the results of the viva exam held ASAP with out which I will not be able to join the company which for which I was recruited through the campus.Do you think that applying for the extract of marks card would help me out in any way? or Is there any option where I can apply for a confidential result sent directly to the company?

    Please help.


  18. I need Genuiness certificate from VTU, is this option holds good “Verification of Genuineness of Documents issued by the University” please suggest and i need medium of instrucion as well what is the procedure and cost of it..?


  19. hi…… i have lost my 6th sem marks card,inspite of that can i apply for consolidated marks card from 1 to 8th sem??? help me out


  20. Hi siresh,

    I can apply and receive the Extract marks card through POST. Please educate me how to do.

    Kind reagrds


  21. can laminated marks cards will be accepted for higher education bcoz i have already laminated degree marks cards


  22. i need 8th sem marks card from VTU because i was not paid college fees thats why college are not giving; college is taking extra fees from me. can i will get original 8th sem marks card from VTU Belgaum or not?


  23. Hello sir/mam, I really need one clarification plz help me, I got 59.59% in BE, (grand total), but in PDC it given as second class, y it nt first classs?


  24. Is it compulsory to apply online for PDC, official transcripts, and extract of marks card in 2020? If yes, then what are the other documents that we need to apply for?


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