WordPress WordAds Earnings Report

How to Make Money From WordPress WordAds? Earning Report

How to make money on WordPress Blog?

To start money earning journey through your WordPress site, you need to have the following:

  1. Compatible WordPress site to display Ads.
  2. Enough traffic to your site.
  3. PayPal account
  4. WordPress WordAds account which costs $100 (~7000 INR).

In order to earn money from your blog, firstly, you need to have a lot of traffic to your site. If you think you have enough traffic, you can submit your site for approval. After you submit your site, WordPress staff will verify your site; It can take up to a month for verification. Once verified you will receive an approval notification to your Email and Ads start appearing on your site every day.

One important thing that you should notice is, WordPress prefers traffic from North American countries. For instance, if you have a blog/site which receives a lot of traffic from India but not from North America, then you may not receive enough money. This is because the WordPress mostly displays Ads that are targeted towards North American countries (or certain preferred countries).

Sometimes, WordPress may not display any Ads at all if there are no suitable Ads to display on your site. WordPress will pay more money if WordPress displays North American Ads and will pay less money if the displayed Ads are from Any other countries.

WordPress doesn’t pay until your account reaches $100. Also, WordPress updated the earnings report usually near the end of the month.

What are the reasons for rejection of WordAds account?

  • WordPress can reject if your site is not compatible for display ads on your site/blog.
  • It can reject if your site that contains porn or drugs or scam content.
  • It can reject if your site doesn’t receive enough traffic.

How to put ads on WordPress?

You don’t put any Ads manually into your WordPress site. WordPress will automatically put on three areas of your site: Top of your site, on the sides, and at the bottom of every post.

However, you can choose to disable the ad from displaying on any of the three areas mentioned above. You can see below a screenshot of WordAds settings where I can choose to disable or enable the areas from displaying Ads.

WordPress WordAds Settings
WordPress WordAds Settings


How does WordPress make money?

WordPress earns money by placing ads on WordPress sites (Like my website). WordPress has partnered with advertising networks like Google, Bing. These partners put ads on the websites on behalf of WordPress and pay money to WordPress company. Then WordPress shares with us a percentage of money earned from running ads on our website.

You can actually see the partners that display ads on your site. For my site, I can see advertising partners by going to https://sureshjonna.in/ads.txt

WordAds Advertising Partners Ads txt
WordAds Advertising Partners

How am I earning from my WordPress WordAds?

My site is nearly 9 years old. I stopped updating my site in the year 2014. Nonetheless, I kept getting traffic to my website. I thought I would not receive traffic if I do not update my site so I didn’t bother to check my site’s traffic report.

I had never taught of monetizing my site. One day I saw the report and I was surprised to see that my site is still receiving good enough traffic. So I did my homework to monetize my site. Then I purchased WordAds in May 2017 and waited for the approval of my site. It took a month for the approval. In the month of June 2017, I started getting Ads on my Site.


Monthly Traffic on my site
Monthly Traffic on my site

For the first three months (June, July, and August) I never bothered to update my site as I was receiving traffic regularly and I thought to wait and see how my site performs. The image below is my earnings report for my site.

WordPress WordAds Earnings Report
WordPress WordAds Earnings Report

As you can see from the report I earned $2.1, $6.98, $7.70 for June, July, and August. Which means I earned $1 for every 582 Ads in June, $1 for every 221 Ads, $1 for every 188 Ads. I was quite satisfied because I was earning despite not updating my site. So I began updating my site from September to see how much I can earn if I keep updating my site.

When the earnings report was updated for September 2017, I was surprised to see that I just earned $7.64 even though 121,961 Ads were served for that month. I mean, look at the number of Ads served, it’s huge. I earned $1 for every 15,963 Ads.

Comparing with the July earnings, if I had earned $1 for every 221 Ads, I would have made $579. That is 40,000 Indian Rupees.

Look at the table below. It shows how many ads were displayed on my site to earn 1$. February 2018 was the Top earning. I earned $24.18, 5351 Ads were displayed to earn $1.

June- 2017 $2.11 1227 Paid 582
July- 2017 $6.98 1470 Paid 211
August- 2017 $7.70 1451 Paid 188 (The Best Earning)
September 2017 $7.64 121961 Paid 15,963 (The Worst Earning)
October 2017 $12.39 112535 Paid 9,083
November 2017 $14.15 125363 Paid 8,860
December 2017 $16.48 99309 Paid 6,026
January 2018 $16.80 101216 Paid 6,025
February 2018 $24.18 129397 Paid 5,351 (Top Earning)
March 2018 $19.77 114059 Unpaid 5,769
April 2018 $12.35 83490 Unpaid 6,760
May 2018 $10.36 83492 Unpaid 8,059
June 2018 $9.57 85594 Unpaid 8,944

What do you think of my post? Can you share your experience in the comment below?

10 thoughts on “How to Make Money From WordPress WordAds? Earning Report”

    1. There is no single answer to your question. Lot of little things need to be taken care to get traffic to your site. like, how old is your site? Is your site hosted in India for Indian searchers? Are you writing unique and quality articles and not copied from other websites? And so on.. Google is always watching all these little things and gets you traffic to your site.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes there are chances.

      But I wonder how much you can make money after deducting the earned amount from paid traffic. Paid traffic could get costly if you are doing it everytime.


    1. If it’s about techniques to bring traffic to my site unnaturally, then I am afraid my site could get permanently banned and also marked as a Spam site.

      I am not sure how safe are traffic bringing services like adfly.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Hey,

    I had a report that said 1,250 ads were served in the month of March 2020 yet the earnings were zero. Any idea why that was?

    Well written post by the way, thank you for that 🙂


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