How to get Duplicate of Lost Degree Certificate/Marks Card of VTU?

If you have lost your original marks card or Degree certificate due to fire or any other means, you have to follow the below procedure to get the VTU duplicate marks card or degree certificate.

Requirements to get the Duplicate documents:

  1. Make an Affidavit on Rs. 20 Stamp Paper
  2. Write a complain letter to a police station and get an FIR filed.
  3. Go to a police station
  4. Make an Online Payment for your required certificates.
  5. Fill the application form
  6. Submit


Step 1. Make an Affidavit (Approx Rs 220)

  • Go to a Civil Court, or to a place where people sit with typewriters on the road. the typists usually can be found around registrar offices, driving licensing offices…
  • Tell the typist that you have lost College certificate and you need Affidavit. He will ask you… where you have lost, when you have lost, how you have lost, USN number, Month & Year of passing, Course, Branch, college.
  • Now, leave the rest to him.  He will ask you to wait and starts typing something on Green colored 20 Rupees Bond paper about your loss of certificate.
  • Once the typing is complete, you need to get the Bond paper signed and sealed by a lawyer which the typist will take care of getting signed and sealed by a lawyer.
  • After all this, your Affidavit is ready and the typist will charge you around Rupees 200 for the service.
  • Xerox  your Affidavit

Reference: VTU Guidelines for the issue of Duplicate Marks Card

Step 2. Write a complain letter to a police station

You can ask the typist to write a complaint letter for you, for which he will charge some amount, or you can write a letter on your own.

Step 3. Go to a police station

  • Go to the nearest police station from where you have lost your certificate.
  • Tell them you have lost your certificate and need to apply for a duplicate certificate from the university. And show them the Affidavit and the complaint letter.
  • The police will take your xerox copy of Affidavit, and will sign/seal your complaint letter.
  • Don’t give the original Affidavit to the police.
  • If you have bribed, then report your bribe here:

Step 4. Make an Online Payment

  • Make online payment VTU Payment Link VTU has removed the PayUMoney link and now allows payment through Online SBI Bank
  • For lost marks card make a payment of Rs. 300 for each marks card + Rs. 50 per academic year
    For Example, you got 6th sem marks card in 2014 and you lost it in 2018. Cost is 300+4*50=500
  • For lost Duplicate degree Certificate make a payment of rupees 2000 + 200 per year
    For Example, you got the certificate in 2012 and you lost it in 2018. Cost is 2000+6*200=3200

Note: VTU has removed the PayUMoney link from its website

VTU Payment Link
Click State Bank of India
VTU Payment Link 2
Click Proceed
VTU Payment Link 3
VTU Payment Link 4
Choose the required certificate and enter amount
VTU Payment Link 5
VTU Payment Link 5
VTU Payment Link 6
Choose your mode of payment


Step 5. Fill the application form


Step 6: Submit

Put all the documents(Complaint letter, Affidavit, application form) into an A4 Size envelope cover.

You can choose one of the below options to submit your documents.

Option 1: Submit at VTU Bangalore Regional center or any other VTU regional center nearest to you.

VTU Bangalore Regional Centre:

Visvesvaraya Technological University, Regional Center Bangalore,
# 351, CA Site no 2, Karnataka Health & Family Welfare Housing co-operative society Extension, Annapoorneshwarinagar, Nagarbhavi, Bangalore-560079 080-23181188

Other VTU Regional centers

Option 2: Speed post it to VTU Belgaum through DTDC or Professional courier, or some other mailing service to the below-given address,

The Registrar(Evaluation)
Visvesvaraya Technological University
“Jnana Sangama”, Machhe Belgaum: 590 018

You’ll receive your CDC in 15 to 20 working days.

Option 3: Visit VTU Belgaum before 12 PM along with your college ID, DL for photo identification, and submit personally, and receive your CDC on the same day in the evening.

Please Note:

If you plan to submit at VTU Belgaum then you don’t need to carry the xerox copy of marks, No need of anybody’s signature, No need of anybody’s attestation (Gazetted officer Attestation can be done in VTU), No need of the letter.

See how I got my Convocation Degree Certificate: How to go to VTU, Belgaum for Receiving documents? The Procedure

Option 4: Submit to your college.

I recommend to submit the documents at VTU Belgaum and receive your duplicate certificates by 4:30Pm  same day, otherwise, you may have to wait forever.


93 thoughts on “How to get Duplicate of Lost Degree Certificate/Marks Card of VTU?”

  1. Hello,

    I just visited VTU last week for my duplicate marks cards and degree certificate. It was quite straight forward process. I had my police ack and notarised affidavit.

    Go to the exam section in VTU and apply for the same at the counter. There is an application for DMC. Fill out each semester’s marks cards date.
    There wwas one helpful official there who worked out the fees as the instructiosn are quite misleading.
    The fees is realy hefty if you passed out a while back. I had to pay Rs.7950 for all marks cards and certificate (passed in 2005). Be prepared with the money and draw a DD from the SBM opposite the VTU building.

    Submitted the documents by 11:30 AM. I recieved all my marks cards and certificate on the same day at 5 PM. All in all, a pain free process at Belgaum except for the money you shell out.

    Thanks again Suresh, your write up on visiting Belgaum was very helpful.


      1. Thank you so much for the very clear steps mentioned to follow to apply for the duplicate mark cards.

        Its very easy to get duplicate marks card if police complaint and affidavit is present with you.

        Please make DD at VTU campus only. Bcoz fees/fine may vary for different type of work.

        Also have some sufficient cash in pocket since there might be chance of ATM failure inside vtu campus. So you may need to go back to city which is approx5 to 6km for ATM.


    1. Hi,
      I have lost my degree certificate and I am planning to go to Belgaum. Could you please forward me a soft copy of your affidavit, I am not sure what to write. I would be really grateful for that. Thanks


    2. Hi,
      I have lost my degree certificate and I am planning to go to Belgaum. Could you please forward me a soft copy of your affidavit, I am not sure what to write. I would be really grateful for that.



    3. my degree certificate is damaged and i want to apply for a new one. so i have to make a DD of 1400 + 100/year i.e i passed out in 2013 so it will cost me 1400+400 ?? please clarify this 100 / year


      1. My Certificate also damaged(Not losted) So Should I make affidavit and submit complaint in police station?Wht procedure u have done Poorna?


  2. Hello Suresh,

    I noticed in another post that you can get a consolidated marks card by sending the application via email.

    I assume that is not possible for getting duplicate marks card. Is the only way to go direct to VTU?



    1. Hi Mathew,

      For duplicate marks cards and degree certificate you have to go VTU Belgaum with the required documents(police FIR, affidavit and copy of your marksheets if you have them). I have provide an account of my visit to VTU above.

      The fees for each marks card depends on the year you passed a particular sem.
      eg. if 2nd sem in 2002; then (fees for each marks cards)*10
      3rd sem in 2002 ; then (fees for each marks cards)*10
      4th sem in 2003; then (fees for each marks cards)*9

      and so on.



  3. Hi…I scored 59.88% ( from 5th – 8th sem result) in BE… Whether this will be considered as first class / second class by VTU…..


  4. Hey,

    I passed out of dayanand sagar, bangalore in 2011, and i havent received my degree certificate till date. It was to come to my house in mangalore, but i wasnt there – so i havent really signed for it or received it personally.

    I have a couple of questions now
    1. Should i go and claim a duplicate, or will they have my original because i didnt really claim it.
    2. I have all my marks cards, all i will need is my degree certificate, could you tell me what my procedure would be, and how long would it possibly take.
    3. Can i apply for it at the VTU campus in bangalore for the same. And how different a process would it be if i do so, and how long would that take?

    looking forward to a quick reply, as it is important i receive my certificate for immediate requirements.




    1. 1. They may have the original so its okay to go and check in the VTU
      2. Better go to VTU
      3. You can apply from college or VTU campus(regional office), but if you think you have applied already then better find where is your degree certificate starting from your college. Going to VTU will be easiest and quickest.


  5. hi Mr.Suresh
    I lost my 1st to 5th marks cards in college while attending campus placements in the college premises. I have already got an affidavit ready and police acknowlegement. Can I got the regional office in bangalore and submit it? and how long will it take approximately? kindly help me out.


  6. I dont have my college ID or any other photo identity (except PAN card)
    Even SSLC marks card is lost.

    But have PUC marks card, FIR, Affidavit, xerox copies of each sem (I’ve lost – sem8 + degree1 = total9 certificates)
    Are these documents enough.

    Is letter from college principal necessary?


  7. hi there, i applied for pdc from college, all my friends got their pdc certificate but i dint get it.. again with principal signature i sent a letter through college for my pdc certificate to VTU belgaum..but not received any acknowledgment from vtu belgaum.. Again i applied PDC from VTU bangalore region, but they told your pdc with number 20711 has already sent to college… But college has not yet received my PDC.. pls tell me whom to contact now.. worried..


  8. i am 2009 passout from chitradurga but am not cleared diploma m1 can i attend exam for that now and can i take exam in any belgaum college


  9. Hi,
    In order to apply for a lost marks card, do i need to go through the college i studied or is it enough if i have the affidavit and acknowledgement of the complaint lodged.


      1. Hi Suresh,

        Well my brother in law completed his engineering in the yr 1974 , he has his degree certificate but unfortunately dint give much importance to marks cards when he lost them. He is abroad , and wishes to get duplicate marks cards. In such a case, can anyone apply and collect his marks card on his behalf ??



        1. Hi Maryam,

          His presence is needed. Why don’t you carry all the documents you have of your brother in law and try going to the University and look for solution.

          Chances are you may get it. Please do it.


      2. Hi Suresh,
        thanks for the write up indeed helpful .. i ve lost my 1st n 2nd semesters marks card and looking at applying for the duplicates.
        I spoke to my College and they said I would need Prinicapals signature on the affidavit and the Police Complaint ..
        I am planning to go to VTU directly so could you help me understand
        1.what i would need from my college ?


        1. Hi Sush,

          I am not sure what you would need. I assume you may need application form and a signature on the affidavit and police complaint letter.

          This is what VTU says in its website…

          There is provision of issue of duplicate marks cards in cases where the marks cards are lost or mutilated.
          For applying for Duplicate Marks card, an affidavit on Rs.20 stamp paper giving details, such as, USN, Month & Year of passing, Course, Branch, college and how the original marks cards were lost along with a fee of Rs.150/- plus Rs. 50/- per year thereafter payable in the form of a DD drawn in favour of the Finance Officer, VTU Belgaum.
          The candidate has to lodge a complaint to local police station of the area where it was lost and submit the original copy of acknowledgement of complaint along with the above affidavit.
          The candidates who are in need of the same shall forward their applications along with the relevant documents through the office of the Principal, to the office of the Registrar (Evaluation).


  10. is it marks card is sealed as duplicate on it. and how much costs for only 8th sem marks card and is it ok if i deal with regional office bangalore


  11. Hi,
    I wish to know that, in order to get duplicate degree certificate can i visit the nearest VTU regional centre in Bangalore or will i have to go to Belgaum in person to obtain it?

    If it is possible to obtain the certificate via the VTU regional centre in Bangalore what is the procedure that is to be followed and what are the required documents to be submitted to obtain the duplicate degree certificate. I actually lost it somehow.

    Your reply in this regard will be highly appreciated.Thanks in advance.


  12. Hello! I am Shashank and a 2013 pass out batch. My 4th sem marks card of a back subject is mutilated when it was being laminated( since the past two years some marks card from vtu are not laminated when you receive them) due to to the heat of the lamination machine. I showed it to my HOD and he said to get a consolidated marks card and then everything will be okay which I did. I have no more backs now and just have to apply for pdc, but da problem is I still have an uneasy feeling about this marks card, when applying for job I suspect the employer will reject seeing the marks card, even though it is mutilated all the details are visible properly. Will getting a pdc clear any doubts to the employer?(even govt and public sector jobs). Please help.


    1. Hi Shashank,

      So sad! Its hard with out 4th sem marks card. You can convince them only if you tell them your marks card is mutilated and you have applied for duplicate marks card.

      I suggest you to get duplicate marks card of your 4th sem.
      Follow this Link Failed


  13. Hi Suresh,

    I am a 2011 passout and I have to get my 8th sem marks card. I studied in SJBIT and if you already know about that college then you would know that they are money grabbing jerks. They collected 10k apart from the usual college fees as training for placement and now they want 5k because I got placed(This is all extra after paying the college fees).

    1.My query is will it work if I just courier all the documents to VTU,Belgaum?
    2. Will VTU contact my college in anyway as I dont want that to happen?
    3. Apart from all the document costs, will VTU charge anything there if I wish to go personally?

    Sorry to bore you with a such a long query and thanks for sharing the info 🙂



    1. Hi Shankar,

      First of all congratulations for getting placed. i didn’t get your question. Do you mean you want to expose the injustice done by your college to VTU?

      And I am sorry that you are going through such experience.


      1. Hi Suresh,

        I just want to get my 8th sem marks card back, which right now is with the college.(original or duplicate doesn’t matter). I dont want to expose the injustice of that pathetic college or anything. I’m beyond all that now. So will going to VTU help?


    2. Hi Shankar,

      Not sure if your question is regarding obtaining duplicates of your lost certificates or just getting your 8th sem marks card? If you go there, ensure you have copies of the lost certificates. General note – take good number of copies of every document you get because it makes the process of getting duplicates also easier in case of any eventuality.
      In my opinion, its always best to go to Belagaum. I have posted my experience of visting VTU last year, please go through that if you are planning on visting VTU.


      1. Hi Jeby,

        I haven’t yet taken my 8th sem marks card from my college, as they are charging a bomb for it. My question was that I want my 8th sem marks card(original or duplicate doesn’t matter to me. So will going to VTU help me?.

        As per your post I dont have copies of my marks card as I dont have the orignal marks card itself.


  14. Hi,
    I dont no where to post this question, If this is wrong place then am sorry..

    My result has been withheld (Announced to be later), How to get this result soon?
    I have completed my engineering, thus us the last subject, so I want to know the result soon and can apply for jobs..

    Please guide me..


  15. Hey,

    Just wanted to know if I would get my 8 th sem original marks card even though I have lateral subject like M1 back?? I need to submit original marks card to work so is there any provision to obtain it??


  16. I am a 2013 pass out…
    Shankar i have the same problem…what did you do???i want to get my 8th sem marks card without paying placement fee for a company offer i rejected!!!Idont want to pay college anymore…will vtu inform the coll if i ask for a duplicate marks card of 8th sem cuz i dont want coll to know?
    Jeby and Suresh hope you got the query…help!!!


  17. Hi Suresh,
    I have lost my B.E. certificates. I am planning to apply to VTU requesting them to provide new certificates. Can you please tell me if VTU would mention as Duplicate / Copy on the new certificates which they would issue to me. Thanks..


  18. Hello Suresh,

    This question is regarding the duplicate certificates of lost VTU certificates.My first question is
    1.Is it possible to mail them all the documents via post ,instead of going in person to VTU.
    2.Is the duplicate marks card same as the original marks card.


  19. hey…i need to know…what should i fill in the application.if i have lost my backpaper marks card,i meant in sem column as i the 1st attempt markscard.please suggest soon as possible..and yeah what month is right to go vtu open all the year?


  20. hyy guys.. i lost my first sem marks card.. since i did a change of branch in 2nd year , my USN also got changed…. so when i apply for duplicate markscard which USN should i write…? the present one or the USN of first sem?? pls help….


    1. Dude right now am in 5 sem cse ..I had lost my second sem marks card …could u plz tell how can I apply for new one


  21. hi,
    i am sneha 2013 passed out from alpha college of engineering. i havent recieved my original degree certificate which is supposed to come from post to home.
    i gone through the procedure for lost degree certificate but it never reached my hand at all so please suggest me what should i do will they have a copy of it to give me by paying some amount of fine or should i follow the procedure of affidavit?

    and also i have a doubt that if the postman has given to wrong address and those people have missed it then what should i do? this had happened with one of my friend.



  22. Hi All,

    I am 2005 passout and I recently lost my 8th sem marks card. Since I’m in abroad, I have following queries:
    1. Can my parents apply it on my behalf?
    2. What is the DD amount I have to take for 1 marks card?
    3. If my college sends all the necessary documents on my behalf to VTU Belgaum then how many days will it take to get the duplicate marks card?
    Please let me know.



  23. Hi,
    i am 2014 passout and I have laminated all 7 semisters marks cards since i thought it would keep my documents safe . recently one of my frnds told we are not suppose to laminate it which would lead to lot of enquiries during original document submission in the future. IS IT TRUE?anbody plz tel me what can i do now??


  24. Hi Suresh,

    I just came across your blog.
    It’s very helpful to understand the process i must say.
    I went through all the comments in this section.
    I have one query.
    I am passed student of 2009 batch and applied for my degree certificate during my last year in college . But i never received my degree till date. I was abroad for previous years. Now i am back and willing to collect my degree certificate. Can i go to Belgaum and collect it, is there a chance they may still have it?
    If not do i need to follow your steps for lost certificate?
    I checked with my college and they told me to contact Vtu Belgaum.
    Before going to Belgaum is there a way i can know if Vtu is still keeping my degree?
    I will try contacting them over the phone.
    But not sure if they ll be able to provide any info since is a complicated situation and alot of time has passed.

    Thanks in advance.


  25. Hi Mr.Suresh. i have a query regarding to get my marks cards either from vtu or college. well i have not finished my college and suddenly i had to move to united states . i need my remained marksheets left in college and college people are refusing to give marks cards until i come and collect. This is such a brainless concept that i have to spend 1 lakh rupees + time to come to india to collect my marks cards. so i need strong advise regarding it that is it possible or legal that if i write an Authorization letter to college or vtu and can get my marks cards? and same for Transcripts ? Thank you


  26. Hi Suresh,

    I am 2007 passout and sadly lost some of my semester marks cards during relocation. The lost marks cards include my back clearance marks cards and semester marks cards.

    Now i am heading to a foreign university for MBA and they have asked for individual semester marks cards. Can i follow the procedure listed by you here and get individual consolidated marks cards for each semester ? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


  27. Hello Suresh,

    I am a 2011 pass out. Unfortunately I lost my 8th semester marks card. I have all the other semester marks cards and also the final degree completion certificate.

    How would I go about getting the duplicate marks card for 8th semester?
    Could you also please confirm if the marks card would mention if it is a duplicate copy.
    Would a duplicate marks card cause any problems in the future?

    Your insight would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  28. Hi Suresh,
    Thank you for posting, I have a problem, I need to apply for a consolidated marks card, but have lost marks cards which are the ones I got after clearing the backlogs, for example I had a backlog in 2nd sem, civil, in 3rd sem I cleared it and got a marks card just for that single subject, and I lost this marks card. So should I apply for a duplicate n then apply for consolidation. Please reply asap
    Thank you


  29. Hello sir,
    I am 2012 B E passed out.2014 M tech passed out.
    I have lost B E degree certificate,B E 8th sem markscard,M tech 1st,2nd &3rd semester marks cards.
    can you tell me how much it costs for 4 markscards in total?
    and do they put duplicate or something on the markscards?or it will be same as original markscards?

    pls do reply,thank you.


  30. I am 2002 BE passpot and i have lost the entire 8 sem mark sheet, and hence i am planning to go to VTU this Saturday. Sadly, i learnt today that, SBM opp to VTU is off this weekend (28-Mar) but however the VTU is open, so i have to take the DD outright before i travel to VTU. Can somebody confirm, if my understanding of the charges are correct.

    Year of start: 1998
    Year of Completion: 2002

    A) Per year charges for the mark sheet
    1 – Mar 1999 16 * 50 = 800
    2 – July 1999 16 * 50 = 800
    3 – Jan 2000 15 * 50 = 750
    4 – Aug 2000 15 * 50 = 750
    5 – Feb 2001 14 * 50 = 700
    6 – July 2001 14 * 50 = 700
    7 – Jan 2002 13 * 50 = 650
    8 – July 2002 13 * 50 = 650
    Total : 5800

    B) Charges per marksheet
    No. of markscard * charges
    8 * 150 = 1200

    Total A + B = 7000


  31. hi sir,i lost all my marks card of all 8 sems,..can u please tell me how much will be the expenditure?


  32. Hello, Thank you for a very informative blog post. I have one question though. Will the marks card obtained be consolidated (in case candidate has made multiple attempts to clear a particular paper?)


  33. Dear Suresh,

    Thank you for helping all. You are doing a great service.

    I also need some help from you regarding my duplicate certificate.

    I lost my original certificate in May 2010. I went to police station took the FIR that was on 24 May 2010, then I went to the university and issued a duplicate certificate. On the Duplicate certificate the date is 7 January 2010 which is 5 months prior date. I asked the certificate issuer that why it has a wrong date.
    He said this is the format of VTU there is nothing wrong with it.

    Now after 5 years, I am in Saudi Arabia. I need to do Saudi Embassy attestation for my certificate. The saudi embassy is asking for FiR. So I am worried that the Certificate has a prior date than the FiR’s date.

    I am not sure what to do.



  34. Hey Suresh and all VTU patrons.
    I cleared my first semester in dec-Jan 2007 2008.
    My confusion is about the fees to get a duplicate for that.
    It’s confusing.
    Do I have to pay Rs150+(50*8)= RS550.
    Am I right?
    I also want to know if I can send the application by post with all relevant documents and if yes, to what address..
    Looking forward for the reply with the info.
    Thanks in advance.


  35. I am a 2012 pass out , i lost al the 8 semesters marks card, is FIR a must or a letter from police station in enough and what is the fees i have to pay to get al the 8 semesters marks card…its quiet confusing pls help me out


  36. Hi Suresh,

    Thank you so much for the very clear steps mentioned to follow to apply for the duplicate mark cards. I followed the same steps & got my duplicate mark cards but with a bitter experience at VTU, Belgaum. I certainly don’t want to discourage others who want to apply for their duplicate mark cards but to caution them while dealing with the bossy natured faculty at VTU.

    I am a Software Professional in the industry for last 10 years & currently in abroad since last 6 years. I came to India recently just to get my duplicate mark sheets as I lost my originals. I got the affidavit done, FIR lodged & DD taken (Rs 9700 for 8 sems mark sheets, degree certificate, 2 transcripts), filled the application forms & submitted to one of the clerks at VTU (2nd floor, exam section). The clerk was very helpful in guiding me through & I submitted all of the required documents & DDs at around 12pm & I was asked to come at 4pm to collect the mark sheets on same day Monday (30/11/2015). Since I had to attend a family function that day I requested him to hold my mark sheets till Wednesday (02/12/2015). The clerk agreed to it & I left.

    I came back on wednesday & asked for my mark sheets to one of the other clerks there as the clerk who served me earlier was on leave. Clerk asked me for the day when I submitted my documents to which I answered Monday (30/11). He took no time or bothered to check & bluntly informed me that the mark sheets have been sent to the college through post. I politely told him that I had requested to hold on to my mark sheets & will be back today to collect the same. PLEASE NOTICE that if someone counters any clerks here they have a habit of taking the people to their bosses sitting in the adjacent cabins. I have noticed 2 such instances on Monday when I was here to submit the request. This clerk did the same & took me to a GENTLEMAN called Dr. Ravindra Malagi. I was asked to explain what’s the matter. I politely explained him the situation addressing him as SIR. He started with the same blunt answer saying the VTU policy is to send the mark sheets to the colleges if not collected by the candidate on the same day of request. I politely asked of why the clerk accepted my request to keep the mark sheets with him. I’ll be trouble as I have to catch my flight next day. This didn’t go well with Dr. Malagi as they don’t like the students/ex-students asking them the questions. Dr. Malagi literally says “OK, you keep shouting… I can’t help”. I still kept my cool & said that “Sir, you cannot use such words(shout) as I am politely & respectfully explaining you the situation”. When he continued with the same tone, that is when I had to say that “Mr, you are shouting as well… Please give respect as I am an alumni of this university & in a very good post as you are in.” I also said that “I have seen this bossy nature from the Day 1 here as the freshers or just passed out students cannot even question you. Do you think it’s a Government office?”.

    Dr. Malagi asked me to get out & my only answer was I didn’t come inside on my own. It was your clerk who took me inside your cabin instead of clarifying it himself.

    After all this drama, clerk asked me to wait outside for 10 minutes & he will check if the mark sheets are still there with them. He calls me back in 3 minutes (only task done so quick) & gives me my duplicate marksheets. With all humility I asked clerk that “should you have done this before, this drama wouldn’t have happened”. Dr. Malagi in an embarassed tone asks the clerk to “give him the marksheets & don’t talk anything”.

    I paid hefty amount to get my mark sheets & on top of it I had to face this humiliation.

    Only suggestion to the people working especially in educational institutions must understand that Human relation is the most important & he basic thing they need to learn as these are the institutions which builds the future architects of the world. Bossism, ego can’t be tolerated by the current younger generation. They will keep questioning!!!


  37. Dear Suresh,

    I have lost my bachelors degree and have begun the process of obtaining a new one as per the instructions on this page.
    I have got the original police complaint letter signed and sealed by the local police authorities.
    Is this enough or will I need to produce a separate acknowledgement slip at the vtu office??

    Your quick response will be greatly appreciated.

    Warmest regards
    Raghunandan S Prasad


  38. I have cleared my bachelors in 2013 without any backlogs(regular subjects), but i passed my dipmat301 in 2015, in my degree certificate what will b the year of passing.


  39. I have lost my 2nd sem marks card. 2nd sem was completed in 2013. So, what amount I have to pay as DD??


    1. 150+(50*3)=Rs. 300
      But, better go to their office in VTU and ask for exact amount. There’s an SBI bank in the campus from where you can take a DD


  40. Hello sir in engineering i have not cleared my DSP subject in 5th sem because i dont have average in internals though i will get 35 to 38marks in externals its of no use because of no internals i have cleared all my other semester subject excpet DSP and im really fed up sir i have lost hope so can please twll me.wat can i do ?i cant write any more exams on DSP its done now .


  41. Hi pals,
    Good day!

    I am 2015 batch passout VTU student. I haven’t received my degree certificate yet. Recently i cleared some govt.exam and i have my interview scheduled in May.
    I need to carry atleast PDC for interview. The issue is ,I joined in 2015 and I have submitted PDC to college.They are refusing to give back my PDC till my course in finished. So my question is,
    1. Should I apply for duplicate PDC?
    2. Can I get my degree certificate as its almost an year since I finished graduation
    3. What is the procedure to get ORIGINAL degree certificate(not duplicate)?
    Please suggest me with this. I really need it for my job.


  42. Hi.. my name is uma I completed my be in 2009 I lost my sem marks card . I’m confused to take dd … fee is lik 150+50 / academic year I visited vtu in blore … They gave vtu belgaum no to contact. .. so pls say hw much amt to take d dd… since I can’t go to belgaum … I wud lik to send in corrier…


    1. I would suggest going to VTU in person. The office faculty there are very careless as I’m not sure how many days they might take or might misplace the documents. Go there in person and check for exact amount (ideally it should be 150+(2016- year of sem)*50)=approx 500+ per marksheet). There is an SBI bank in campus for taking the DD


  43. Hello sir..great work…
    I have a query…
    I am 2016 pass out I have lost my 4th sem marks card…how much dd should i make….?
    If I apply via college how long will college take to get me my marks card…?


  44. I have lost my 1st sem original marks card.
    can I take affidavit from anywhere in Karnataka
    because I am from bidar here getting affidavit is easy as known police and lawyers r here.
    as I have completed my engg in Bangalore.
    so please tell me..


  45. Hi!
    Does this apply to autonomous colleges affiliated to VTU? Please help.
    I lost my grade cards.
    Thank you


  46. Hi,
    I applied for duplicate marks card on last month July 13th through Post but I still didn’t got any reply from them ..
    I have sent all the required documents ( police complaint , affidavit ,DD )
    Can any one tell what to do next ….


  47. hello
    I am a 7th sem student and I have lost my 1st sem marks card as I had house change.
    I have few questions to ask.
    is 1st sem marks card needed?
    and is their any other way to get my markscard without an fir?

    Liked by 1 person

  48. Hi,

    I have lost my degree certificate and I am planning to go to Belgaum. Can anyone please forward me a soft copy of your affidavit, I am not sure what to write. I would be really grateful for that.



  49. Hi i have applied for duplicate marks card and it is rejected due to shorted of money , can any of my friends make dd in favor of finance officer belgavi for me or only i have to make dd.


  50. HI.

    I’m a 2016 graduate and as such require my PDC to join Infosys. Unfortunately, VTU is no longer issuing PDC’s according to their latest circular. Will duplicate PDC work? The option is still available on their online payment portal so if I pay for a duplicate PDC online, will they send it by post?


  51. Dear i had lost my all marks card and original degree.I am the student of 2007 to 2011 batch but i am completed my degree in 2012 so what about the fine and how much amount of dd is to required.please tell me.


  52. Do the VTU Belgaum office take the original prepared affidavit or do they see the affidavit and take a xerox copy of the same ?


  53. Hello,
    I missed degree certificate and 8th sem marks card in abroad,Please inform me that how much money(DD) it will take for duplicate certificates.


  54. I have lost my original marks card and i am planning to apply for duplicate. i went through your post. My Question is if suppose i have a back subject in a Sem for which i have got a second marks card for that particular subject on passing. while applying for duplicate should i pay for Both marks cards or is it a sem wise?


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