How I got my duplicate copy of lost marks card

I would like to share a story of Gururaj, a Software professional, who went on to get his duplicate copy of lost marks card after reading the following posts:

Read the struggles that he had to face in his own words. This is what he wrote to me(Shown below):

Thank you so much for the very clear steps mentioned to follow to apply for the duplicate mark cards. I followed the same steps & got my duplicate mark cards, but with a bitter experience at VTU, Belgaum. I certainly don’t want to discourage others who want to apply for their duplicate mark cards but to caution them while dealing with the bossy natured faculty at VTU.

I am a Software Professional in the industry for last 10 years & currently in abroad for last 6 years. I came to India recently just to get my duplicate mark sheets as I lost my originals. I got the affidavit done, FIR lodged & DD taken (Rs 9700 for 8 sems mark sheets, degree certificate, 2 transcripts), filled the application forms & submitted to one of the clerks at VTU (2nd floor, exam section). The clerk was very helpful in guiding me through & I submitted all the required documents & DDs at around 12pm & I was asked to come at 4pm to collect the mark sheets on the same day Monday (30/11/2015). Since I had to attend a family function that day I requested him to hold my mark sheets till Wednesday (02/12/2015). The clerk agreed to it & I left.

I came back on Wednesday & asked for my mark sheets to one of the other clerks there as the clerk who served me earlier was on leave. The clerk asked me for the day when I submitted my documents to which I answered Monday (30/11). He took no time or bothered to check & bluntly informed me that the mark sheets have been sent to the college through the post. I politely told him that I had requested to hold on to my mark sheets & will be back today to collect the same. PLEASE NOTICE that if someone counters any clerks here they have a habit of taking the people to their bosses sitting in the adjacent cabins. I have noticed 2 such instances on Monday when I was here to submit the request. This clerk did the same & took me to a GENTLEMAN called Dr. Ravindra Malagi. I was asked to explain what’s the matter. I politely explained to him the situation addressing him as SIR. He started with the same blunt answer, saying the VTU policy is to send the mark sheets to the colleges if not collected by the candidate on the same day of request. I politely asked why the clerk accepted my request to keep the mark sheets with him. I’ll be trouble as I have to catch my flight the next day. This didn’t go well with Dr. Malagi as they don’t like the students/ex-students asking them the questions. Dr. Malagi literally says “OK, you keep shouting… I can’t help”. I still kept my cool & said that “Sir, you cannot use such words(shout) as I am politely & respectfully explaining you the situation”. When he continued with the same tone, that is when I had to say that “Mr, you are shouting as well… Please give respect as I am an alumnus of this university & in a very good post as you are in.” I also said that “I have seen this bossy nature from the Day 1 here as the Freshers or just passed out students cannot even question you. Do you think it’s a Government office?”.

Dr. Malagi asked me to get out & my only answer was I didn’t come inside on my own. It was your clerk who took me inside your cabin instead of clarifying it himself.

After all this drama, the clerk asked me to wait outside for 10 minutes & he will check if the mark sheets are still there with them. He calls me back in 3 minutes (only task did so quickly) & gives me my duplicate mark sheets. With all humility, I asked the clerk that “should you have done this before, this drama wouldn’t have happened”. Dr. Malagi in an embarrassed tone asks the clerk to “give him the mark sheets & don’t talk anything”.

I paid a hefty amount to get my mark sheets & on top of it, I had to face this humiliation.

The only suggestion to the people working, especially in educational institutions must understand that Human relation is the most important & the basic thing they need to learn as these are the institutions which build the future architects of the world. Bossism, ego can’t be tolerated by the current younger generation. They will keep questioning!!!



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