Masturbating is Injurious to health: Disadvantages of Masturbation

Everyone thinks masturbating is good for health. In fact, I feel sorry for those who believe it is good for health. The reason most people’s life is getting destroyed is because of masturbating. They become slaves to masturbation. Masturbation is good for health is a myth. There is a lot of serious illness that comes with too much masturbation. Doctors either hide the reality to make money after you fall sick or are dumb to tell you its safe.

Whenever such people get tensed, they believe masturbating will help them overcome tension which is not true.

Masturbating is like a drug (Cocaine, Marijuana, etc) which is not made illegal by the law. Practically, it cannot be made illegal. You could get addicted to it and eventually destroy yourself.


 Disadvantages of masturbation Disadvantages of masturbation


The side effects of masturbating are more than its advantages. Many of its disadvantages and advantages of Masturbating are as below.

The side effects/Disadvantages of masturbation are:

Effects Social life in the following ways:

  • You get mentally disturbed.
  • You become an introvert.
  • The person dislikes any company and activities and rather likes to sit in seclusion and suffers from weakness.
  • You become a pervert.
  • Masturbation wastes your time and makes you useless.
  • You lose concentration on work and studies.
  • You make few friends.

Effects Body in the following ways:

  • You lose calories.
  • Skin becomes dry.
  • Causes dust allergy.
  • Your cheek goes inside.
  • You get Swollen Eyes and face.
  • You don’t get proper sleep if masturbation becomes an addiction.
  • You won’t be able to perform any heavy physical or mental work.
  • Causes Poor eyesight.
  • Causes gastric problems.
  • Causes Depression and fatigue
  • You start getting tummy in the long run.
  • You become thin.
  • Causes Premature aging
  • Hair starts becoming dry and thin. Eventually, you start losing hair.
  • Causes frequent colds, flues, and viruses
  • Causes mood swings
  • Causes Tooth decay
  • Causes Vitamin deficiencies
  • Poor concentration
  • All the senses are impaired
  • Causes Nervousness
  • Causes Dizziness and loss of memory
  • Continuous headache and backache


The advantage of masturbation are:

  • Pleasure
  • Escape from the reality

I request everyone not to get into the habit of masturbating. If you really want to have sex, then get yourself a wife/Husband.

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18 thoughts on “Masturbating is Injurious to health: Disadvantages of Masturbation”

  1. Friends,
    i want to say only one thing. That sex is very dangerous enemy. We should keep distance from it. Sex is bad for health and also for Society. So become a perfect man. Leave masturbating. You have your wife/Girlfriend. So why masturbating?.
    Control yourself, you can control.
    Just listen old song, sad songs..lovely song hip-hop songs…watch devotional videos. Go to church. There are many ways.
    So friends, Beware.
    I’m leaving from now.


    1. I wantvto to atleast do it once in a week …..but i can’t….every night before i go to sleep i have to make that cum come out…..otherwise i can’t sleep…..what will i do so that i can minimise it only once a week…I’ve been musturbate for every night….atleast 4years now….will it cause me any harm ?


  2. I had to stop after this post. I cut my right hand off. It is so hard to type now. Also, I think I am dying.


  3. you are right friend, many days ago i think like you but i can’t do anything.
    From this moment I don’t masterbate. I have swear of god


  4. Really i feel ashamed for doing the dirt i plan to leave but cause am addicted i fail
    please if you time to make me new assist me, suggest me more, please we can chat through that email below


  5. Masterbation said effects tell me and Masterbation body bones damage mines change hothe please tell me what body sap change places tell me Masturbation treatment tell me what


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