Nightmare at Tahsildar office while getting my Caste Certificate

I would like to share my nightmare while trying to get my Caste certificate from Tahsildhar Office. Here is my story…

I needed a Caste Certificate to apply for a Government Job; therefore I was trying to figure out how to get a Caste Certificate, so somebody told me to go to Tahsildhar office that is located at Mysore Bank/Corporation bank, near Avenue road in Bangalore.

I found out from different sources that the Purpose of the Tahsildhar office is to provide birth certificate, death certificate, census certificate, caste and income certificate, caste certificate for Category I, caste certificate for SC/ST, OBC certificate for jobs, residence certificate, income certificate, no tenancy certificate, widow certificate, life certificate, agriculture family member certificate, re-marriage certificate, landless certificate, surviving family member certificate, income certificate for compassionate appointment, unemployment certificate, no government job certificate, agriculturist certificate, small or marginal farmer certificate, agricultural labour certificate, non-creamy layer certificate, landholding certificate, bonafide certificate, solvency certificate, Indira Gandhi old age pension, physical handicap pension, destitute widow pension, national security scheme, Sandhya Suraksha Yojana and non-availability certificate

Okay, so, Once I reached the Mysore Bank, I was looking for Tahsildhar office; I assumed Tahsildhar office would be well maintained and well-designed building, but what I saw was different as given below,

  • The Tahsildhar office is 5 floors filthy building located almost in front of the Mysore bank
  •  The Building is just next to the main road
  •  No sign boards to guide the citizens to the respective departments
  •  Citizens are invited by third class brokers who stand around the building to force you to apply for certificates. Moreover, they don’t have an office for themselves. Where ever you roam in the building, you’ll find only brokers who show gesture to misguide you. However, I was looking for someone who could guide me to the respective department where I can get my Caste Certificate; whoever I contact to guide me to the respective department are brokers and they try to misguide you instead of guiding you to the right room. Many brokers told me that they can get me the caste certificate for Rs. 1000, 500, 700, and 400. But the actual price to get a Caste Certificate is between Rs. 20 to 50 from the Tahsildhar office. And they even promise to get my certificate by 3 days which actually didn’t happen in my case.
Brokers waiting outside to lure people in to bribing
Brokers waiting at Tahsildhar office to scam people
Since I was not aware of the process of getting Caste Certificate and not able to find the room, I decided to go through a broker. So I found one broker and he said his charge is Rs. 800 for getting a Caste Certificate, but I bargained and requested him to charge Rs. 400; for which he agreed. Then he asked me to get him TC from School or College and Driving license Photocopy. After that, he gave me an application form to fill and took Rs. 400, and asked me to call after 3 days. After 3 days I called him to inquire about application status; He said it is not yet ready. This continued for 10 days and one day he completely switched off his phone. Now, even if I want to go to his office to get my certificate is not possible since he doesn’t have any office.

Those who have read this article, I request you to never go through Brokers to obtain any kind of documents; You have to waste your Time and Money running behind brokers. In the beginning, they wave their tales like dogs to pocket money from you; but once they get money, they don’t care about you.

If there is no corruption, these things won’t happen. Corruption starts from HR department who recruit these filthy corrupt employees.

18 thoughts on “Nightmare at Tahsildar office while getting my Caste Certificate”

    1. Hi Jigyasa Singh Katrolia,

      Good decision.

      I got my Passport, DL, PAN card, Caste certificate… with out brokers because I said no to corruption. I fought for the right. We must not encourage brokers whatever the condition is.


  1. Hi Friends,

    i have to share to u,
    Please Don”T Go Direct To Broker
    Becoz ,its happen me also
    one Day, i went to make Caste certificate
    one of the broker i got it
    paka LOFAR he taken the money also Rs,800
    U Come After 3 days
    Will ready, after 3 days i went u have to submit income certificate also,
    his saying 1 by 1
    after that he drinkerd and came
    i will not give u your money, what u will do?
    after that i came
    what i can do?

    Please dont Go Broker
    Please meet him tasuldiar direct office


  2. Hi Suresh,

    where can i get the form for applying .
    And i am from Delhi but currently i am in Pune, Will i be able to apply it from here.?


    1. Hi Abhi,

      You can’t apply from a different place unless you are a permanent resident of the new place. Visit your nearest Registrar office for more details.


    1. Hi Zakir,

      You have to find out your area Tahisildhar office. You can apply for OBC certificate from Tahisildhar office.


  3. i submitted the xerox copy of caste certificate interview time… but now i lost now again document verification is there what can i do for now? and I need a duplicate certificate where can i get? this is 2012 month of february’s… i asked in Office they told this is old version now it has been changed… please help me


    1. Hi Vijayalakshmi,

      Visit a nearest Tahasildar office. Enquire about Tahasildar office from your neighbours or friends.

      At the Tahasildar office you may be asked to renew your caste certificate. For renewal, you have to fill a form provided at Tahsildar office, and carry your Transfer certificate of your school…

      Its easier to get Caste Certificate than you think. If you have followed right procedure to apply for caste certificate, you will get your certificate in ten days. All the best.


  4. Thanks for the information.
    How long does it take to obtain the certificate?I need one for admission into a central education institution and there is a specific format.Can I get it from the tahsildar office?


  5. What is the current location of the TAHSILDAR office?And can we apply through BANGALOREONE service?My friend has a BC certificate issued by Tamil nadu ,but he is aspiring to take the UPSC exam for which he needs OBC certificate with NON_CREAMY LAYER status.I will be grateful,if you could kindly guide him to submit the required documents ,so that he can go to the TAHSILDAR office with those required ones.


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