How to Recharge your Docomo Phone Number from Online

Things Needed: Any Debit Card and its Internet Banking ID and Password, Mobile Phone with Docomo number, Internet access

There are two ways to recharge your Docomo Phone Number.

  1. By visiting a Local shop that does easy recharge or sells you a 16 digits scratch card.
  2. By visiting Docomo recharge website.

The first method is time consuming,while the second method is a time saver. Using Online recharge, anyone can recharge from anywhere across the world anytime without having to depend on anybody else unless you have money in your bank account. Online method allows you to recharge your phone number for different denominations starting from Rs. 10 up-to thousands of rupees. Apart from recharging your phone for currency, you can also recharge your phone for special services, like Internet pack, SMS Pack, Call rate Pack…etc directly from your web browser.

Before you even think of recharging from online, Make sure you have…

  • Debit card number, Its owner’s name, 4 digit Pin Number, and expiry date –  or – Owner’s ID and Password.
  • Internet access – either from PC or Mobile phone.

Following steps illustrates how to make online recharge from your web browser using NetBanking ID and Password.

Step 1: Visit the Docomo online recharge site: In this page, Enter your 10 digit ‘Phone number’ inside the box and press enter to go to the next page.

Online Mobile Recharge 1
Home page –


Step 2: In this second page, choose your recharge type. You may choose either ‘Top up’ to recharge your phone for currency or ‘Special recharge’ for SMS packs, Call rate pack, or Internet pack. If you want to get currency on your phone,  then choose ‘Top Up’ option by pressing ‘More’ More

Online Mobile Recharge————————————–

Step 3: In this page, enter the amount of money that you want to recharge and your Email ID. Lets say you have entered Rs. 11, and then press ‘Submit’ button.

Online Mobile Recharge - 4


Step 4: This is the confirmation page of your chosen denomination(Currency). Just press ‘Pay Now’ and a new window will open, out of the browser.

Online Mobile Recharge - 5


Step 5:  In this page you are asked to choose ‘Payment mode’. You can choose Debit card if you want to pay from ‘Debit card’, or choose ‘NetBanking’, which is a easiest method to recharge your phone if you have NetBanking ID and Password.

Online Mobile Recharge - 6


Step 6:  Lets say you have chosen ‘Internet Banking’ as  Mode of payment, then press ‘Submit’ to get a drop down menu. In this page, you’ll get various choice to choose a Bank Account. Choose your Bank Account in which you are a account holder and press submit and it ‘ll take you to loading page.

Docomo Recharge

Docomo Recharge


Step 7:  In this page, Enter your NetBanking “ID” and “Password” and press continue. (Note: You must have your Netbanking ID and Password. If you don’t have then call your Bank’s Customer care executive and ask for it)

Docomo Recharge


Step 8: In this page, your Internet bank account will ask you to confirm the transaction. Press “confirm” button and continue.

Docomo Online Recharge


step 9: Here, Confirm One more time by  pressing  “Confirm” button and continue to the next page. When you press “Confirm” , You’ll receive a pin Number on your mobile phone. Note it down!

Docmo Online Recharge 6


Step 10: Enter the Pin number that you received on your mobile phone in to the text box and press “Confirm” button.

Docomo Online Recharge 7——————————————————–

Step 11:  After you complete the previous step, you’ll get a confiramtion of your recharge.

Docomo Online Recharge

Docomo Online Recharge


Step 12: You are done. Check your Phone for balance :)..

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