Does a Religion Matter To a Person?

Spiritual experience that makes liberation
Spiritual experience that makes liberation

When we come across a divine person we try to follow him or her for their morals. We appreciate such person for the perfect attitude they carry. As we follow such a good person we tend to cultivate his or her habits of thinking right, and build a good attitude. Following them helps us to develop as a perfect human being: and the changes can be seen in us gradually. But I wonder why people fail to show the similar attitude when it comes to religion. Why don’t people accept and follow all the religions when there is something to learn in each religion for our benefit?

Let me narrate you a true story which took place some years ago. There was this girl named Swapna who is a Hindu by birth and studied in a Christian school. The management of the school contained mostly of Nuns and Fathers. Swapna, observed how the Nuns and Fathers do their daily prayers, read holy bible, and perform religious activities without fail every day. Swapna frequently visited her best friend ‘Ayesha’, a Muslim girl, and learnt her Muslim customs. She read the holy book of Muslims and Christians. She tried to understand and make distinctions between the Christian and Muslim religion; this was her regular routine. After all the research she has done on the religions, Swapna became matured enough to know what is right and wrong through her experience, yet she was skeptical and questioned herself, “is it worth learning customs and rituals of different religions? Am I on the right path?”

One day, her parents took her to home town to visit a famous Hindu temple. The devotees who visit the temple believe their wishes can be fulfilled, and any diseases can be cured if they trust in God. Swapna didn’t believe if it can be really possible. She watched thousands of people, whose wishes were fulfilled, flocking and chanting goddess name. Inside the temple, she noticed a Muslim woman standing in the line, wearing traditional Muslim black veil, with her children, waiting to see the god. Swapna and other visitors of the temple were dumbfounded to see a Muslim woman in a Hindu temple.

As soon as Swapna came out of the temple she walked straight towards the Muslim woman and asked her why she is at the Hindu temple. The Muslim woman gave a smile and replied, “My little son is suffering from a skin disease. He has white patches all over his body. Nobody knows what the disease is and how it affected my little son. I tried every possible medicine and visited hospitals for the cure, but all went in vain. When I got to know about this powerful god, without a second thought, I took the decision to visit the goddess. This is my second visit to the temple. I have come to say thanks to the god who is saving my child from the skin problem. Now my son is getting fine”. At the end of the conversation, the woman smiled at Swapna and said, “There is only one god, but people call the god by different names. God is helping my son to recover” The last sentence of their conversation gave Swapna all the answers she needed to her questions.

Now, Swapna is enlightened. Her parents objected her when she used to follow other religions, but now she is confided to convince them why she need to follow other religious beliefs. So, they were convinced enough to take her own decisions. Although Swapna is a Hindu, she completely respects other religions and also included some of the customs of other religion in to her life. Swapna treats everyone equal and shares her experience to others. She doesn’t preach any religion to people. She celebrates every festival as her own – may it be Diwali, Christmas or Ramzan.

The morals of every religion taught her to serve poor people, and visit orphans to spend time with them. It gives her true happiness and satisfaction by doing so. However, Swapna doesn’t intend to gain attention of the people. Different religions have inspired her to become a spiritual person which society has accepted. The society respects her attitude towards religion and values her beliefs.

People don’t want to accept other religions even though it is worth accepting; and the reason for not accepting is because of the misconception in the minds of people that they are disrespecting their own religion and giving more importance to the other religions than their own.

You will get to know the beauty of the religion only when you try to know and analyze the religion. Knowing and analyzing doesn’t have to mean that we should follow all the customs and practices of the new religion. The point is clear in all the religion, that is, every religion teaches us to be good and to do well for the benefit of humanity.

There is no religion other than the truth! The truth is: There is only one God, only one religion, and we are all human beings. A person who is humble, kind, respectful, and forgiving becomes a great human being.


Religion never matters for a good person. What do you think?


Arpitha Puttaraju

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