Straight from the heart of an Ex-Recruiter to the Recruiting Industry

When was the last time a Recruiter called you and said that you dint make it because of xyz reasons and that you could have made it if you worked on a,b,c or suggested to you if you did a mistake in your CV presentation or in the field that you are applying or acted as your career consultant giving you the directions and guiding you in the right path? Just like a friend 🙂

No we are not talking of those who speak the same to sell the CV builder tool or counselling as a service. We know the fact that nothing in this world comes for free, and what comes free, you have to earn it. The attempt here is to go overboard to add that personal touch to the noble profession, as we are aware there is no bible or rules & guidelines book to follow. Then why not give it a shot?

All of you would agree that this is a very unconventional way of working. Well, that’s the argument here. Recruitment is one area where we have the freedom to explore and experiment and that is the change we need to bring in and try more methods to engage candidates better.

We definitely don’t want Recruiters to be selling jobs. Then there would be no difference in sales and hiring. The treatment what candidates get would be of the same like how you receive a call for credit card or personal loan. So you know how the approach to you is if you are one in 1000s and that you are just an option. Ok, for a minute even if we assume it as sales, what sells the best and who is the best seller? The one who makes you feel special and treats you well. Right? That is where we need to hit too.

Where is the gap ?

Post interview ( any round , any mode ) candidates are always left without providing a frank feedback. The “no response” or the default response like “we will let you know” will only build their anxiety.

How this approach will help?

1. Reduction in the number of mails/calls that candidates ask you for feedback / result – Less irritation
2. Reduction in the “no-show” for drives – More positive participations
3. Good rapport with the candidate even if the association was not fruitful – Easy headhunting / referrals.
4. Candidates will start recommending you – Good brand positioning for the company you work for.
5. More LinkedIn connection requests – Increase in quality database

It is also important to inculcate this generous behavior outside workplace ( the best recruiters who are good in getting referrals practice this ). If you genuinely don’t feel like helping others, then it won’t work.

Bottomline: Don”t be a recruiter , Be a friend !

Author:  Sachin Katekar

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