What is PHP? Understand PHP:

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  • PHP is an open source server-side scripting language and not a programming language. It is a specific for Web Development hence it can’t be used for developing offline windows based applications. 
  1. Open source means that the PHP source code is free to use without having to worry about copyright Law. PHP works on all the Operating System platforms: Windows, Macintosh, or Linux
  2. A Server is a place where the websites are stored. Server side scripting language means that the PHP code is run directly from the server and not from the client: client is a browser which could be Firefox, chrome, or IE
  3. Difference between scripting language and a programming language is that scripting language does something only in response to an event on the web page. The event could be pressing a button on the webpage, and thereby in response the PHP code from the server is run; whereas in Programming language, an event is not required to run the code from the server because the code can run from the server automatically without an event being initiated
  4. JavaScript is also a scripting language but it is a client side scripting language and therefore runs from the client, a browser
  5. Unlike C, C++, or Java, The PHP code doesn’t have to be compiled from the server before executing the code; but The PHP code is run from the server as it is.
  • Unlike HTML which is used to create static web pages, PHP is used to create dynamic web pages. 
  1. A static web page means that a web page does not contain interactive content on the webpage, whereas a dynamic web page means a web page that contains interactive content.
  2. PHP is designed for use with HTML. PHP code can be put in to HTML code or vice versa.
  3. HTML has to be learnt first before learning PHP.
  • PHP Syntax is similar to C, JAVA, and Perl language. But it’s not mandatory to learn those languages to learn PHP. In fact PHP is lot more similar to ASP (Active Server Pages). ASP is the Microsoft’s version of PHP. If PHP is learnt, learning ASP will become easy and vice versa
  • Over 30 Millions Web sites use PHP and it is the 4th most popular language behind C, C++, and Java
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