My Tri Fold Brochure Design

Recently I was given a project to design a Brochure and A LOGO for a company.

This is one of the recent brochure design designed for one of my clients. Apart from Brochure design, they also requested me to make a LOGO for its company.

I had a good response from my client for the design. I took just 1 hour to complete this design.

Client: Dry ‘N’ Dry

Place: Bangalore

Tools Used: Ms Word 2007, google for images

Paper Size Reqd: A4

Number of Colors:  4 (Pink, Blue, Green, Maroon)

Time taken to Complete: 1 hour

Here is the Design >>>>>>>>>

Tri Fold Brochure Front`side
Tri Fold Brochure Front`side
Tri Fold Brochure Backside
Tri Fold Brochure Backside

1.  Download Brochure Design PDF format:

Click here download—>Dry N Dry Brochure PDF

2.  Download Brochure Design Word  format:

Click here download—>Dry N Dr MS Word

4 thoughts on “My Tri Fold Brochure Design”

    1. Hi Sanjana,

      Follow this steps to create the above design

      1. Open MS word
      Got to Page Layout> Columns.
      You can choose 1 or 2 or 3 columns as you wish. I used 3 columns

      2. Go to insert>Text box
      I use Text Box to put pictures in to the text box. You can move the text box anywhere in the Word document if you put pictures in to the text box

      3. You can insert Pictures in to your the text box by going to
      Get your required pictures from

      You can add different designs to the text box and the images by going to Format option in the MS Word.

      I can help you if you want to know specifically any part in the document, such has, how to put pics, text how to add color to the text box.. etc

      All the best


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