Send your Resume to any Email ID from your Mobile Phone

This article is written for both a Job seeker as well as a recruiter. Read fully to become a smart job seeker or a smart recruiter. Please comment if you like this article or if you have suggestions.

How many times have you asked your candidate (Job Seeker) to send his/her CV from their E-Mail ID? How many times he/she replied,

  • “I can send the resume only when I reach home Suresh”
  • “I’m driving now Suresh”
  • “I don’t have access to Internet Suresh”
  • “There is no power Suresh”
  • And many more reasons to complain against PC, Internet, and Power.

You can thank God at least they have a 24/7 running Mobile Phone. How does it sound asking them to send their CV from their Mobile Phone wherever they are? Yes, a Mobile Phone. Doesn’t it sound Wow!

So, how is it done? Here how it is done; as given below

1. If a Job Seeker is a Naukri User:

Ask the Job Seeker to SMS “SENDCVTO [email protected]” to 5607055 without quotes

Example: “SENDCVTO [email protected]” to 5607055

2. If a Job Seeker is a Monster user:

Ask the Job Seeker to SMS “FWD [email protected]” to 53030 without quotes

Example: “FWD [email protected]” to 53030

Now they can send their Resume to your Email ID from anywhere and anytime, even if they are in bathroom or shopping Mall or travelling or Midnight or Trekking.

By the way make sure to remember these pre- requisites…….

  • Job Seeker has to be a registered user of
  • To use this service job seeker’s mobile number has to be verified by Naukri/
  • This service is free from But, SMS charges apply

Interesting? Why don’t you try it now? And remember to thank me and thank Naukri/

7 thoughts on “Send your Resume to any Email ID from your Mobile Phone”

  1. name: renuka nandkishor jadhav
    education:F y bcom appeared
    date of birth: 5/4/1996
    stream: commerce
    cources: tally
    phone no:8898013468
    experience: fresher


  2. NAME:- Rohit Kumar
    Education:- 12th
    technical course:-DCA DFA CCC
    Experience:- call center and Samsung India electronics pvt. ltd
    ph. 07417523104,7053311294


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