CAPCO – Company Information

Company: CAPCO

Founded: 1998

Head Quarter: Belgium

Number of Employees: more than 1500 Employees

Office Presence: Capco has offices in Europe, the United Kingdom, North America and Asia including: Amsterdam; Antwerp; Bangalore; Chicago; Frankfurt; Geneva; London; Mumbai; New York; Paris; San Francisco; Toronto; Washington, D.C.; and Zurich

Domain Expertise:  Banking, Capital Markets, Wealth & Investment Management, Finance, Risk & Compliance and Technology

Capco offers consulting, technology and managed services in four financial services sectors, also referred to as “domains:” Banking; Capital Markets; Wealth & Investment Management; and Finance, Risk & Compliance. Its Technology Services and Package Integration teams deliver services across all of the firm’s domains.

  1. Banking: helps banks adjust their business models in response to changing consumer behavior and regulatory changes. Provides customer relationship management, risk management, real-time information management solutions as well as consulting services to banks in areas of payments, lending and commercial and retail banking.
  2. Capital Markets: serves investment banks, broker-dealers, exchanges and clearing firms to help reduce costs, shift to fee-based revenue models, mitigate trading risks and achieve long-term sustainable growth. Also provides front-to-back office consulting and IT services across the capital markets trading environment which includes derivatives; fixed income; currencies; commodities; equities; structured products; and credit default swaps.
  3. Wealth and Investment Management:] provides services to optimize product and service capabilities and increase the efficiency and scalability of operating platforms. Serves wealth managers, investment institutions and investor services firms which are experiencing profit margin pressure due to redemptions, redistribution of mandates and the decline in asset values from their 2007 peak.
  4. Finance, Risk & Compliance: provides advice, information management and data governance to improve business decision-making and stability in response to stakeholders’ demand for increased business transparency and compliance. Helps companies increase their collection and accessibility to critical financial information, reporting data and improved analytics to ensure that internal controls are in place to optimize business decision-making and risk management.
  5. Technology Services: Provides IT consulting, IT supply chain services and IT delivery to CIOs and IT executives at financial institutions, generally through off-shoring.
  6. Package Integration: provides software solutions, IT consulting, managed services, implementation and support of third-party applications such as Murex,Geneva, Simcorp, OpenLink and Wallstreet.


  1. 2008 “Heart of the City” Dragon Award for Corporate Social Responsibility
  2. Consulting Magazine’s 2010 “Top 25 Consultants” Award for Excellence in Financial Services
  3. Apex Awards for Publication Excellence, 2002-2010


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