GPS on My Phone, I call it Cool:

Now I am a part of GPS Technology. I am always with it on my every move.

 So, what is GPS?

GPS stands for the Global Positioning System. It refers to a system of satellites and receivers that allow people and devices to pinpoint their precise location on the earth. The heart of the system relies on 24 satellites that orbit the earth twice per day.

My Phone Showing Current GPS Status
My Phone Showing Current GPS Status

 “Walking was always boring to me, but with the introduction of GPS in my gadgets list, I started walking everyday. I carry my GPS device where ever I go and keep track of my distance of traveling, Time taken to travel a journey, Spot myself on a map, Find restaurants and other important land marks around me…etc etc”

There are more interesting things that I’m doing nowadays with my GPS Device. And below is the list that a GPS can do.

Here is a list of things that my GPS can do for me:

  1. They are useful if you get lost and you have a map that gives UTM or lat/lon coordinates.
  2. You can actually follow yourself on a map in real time display which allows planning turns, stops, etc if your unit has output capability.
  3. You can answer the question “Are we there yet?”
  4. You can find where you left your car.
  5. You can set waypoints and see directions to get there.
  6. You can record the exact path you took to get somewhere and play it back later for someone else to see.
  7. You can prove how fast you were going when stopped by the cops.
  8. You can use it as a compass (if you’re moving).
  9. When camping, you can use it to find your camp when you go on a hike or to town.
  10. You can use it to estimate arrival times.
  11. You can calibrate your speedometer.
  12. You can use it as a trip meter.
  13. It can be a great navigation calculator. For example it will tell you how far apart two places are if you know their locations.
  14. Finding the altitude of your house.
  15. etc etc……….

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