My Brother Dies:

I got a dream in which two separate events happens together:

One : Some people get lost in a jungle and a devil kills them all.
Two: My brother Dies of an unnatural death, and I cry a lot.

My dream started with some people getting killed in a jungle by a devil. At the same time, my brother gets admitted in a hospital, and after some days, he dies! I cried a lot when he died.

On the other hand; in the jungle, people were trying to escape from the devil. And suddenly my dream took me to my brother’s Funeral. I cried when he was getting burnt in his funeral. Following the Funeral, I went home. To my surprise my brother’s ghost was in the bathroom, and he was speaking to my another brother. My dream broke there as my cell phone started vibrating. And then I woke up to see that everything was fine.

I don’t know why people were getting killed in the  jungle, and how  they are connected to my brother’s death. It’s a mystery!

However, It was so horrible to imagine my brother’s death. I thought tears are coming out of my eyes. I checked to see the tears, but I could feel no liquid under my eyes. I thanked god, it was just a dream.

Inspite of everything, I miss my brother that I want to gift him a FASTTRACK watch. Though I hate him somewhat, but the attachment that I have with him from many years can’t tolerate if something happens to him.


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  1. bhaskar
    Apr 01, 2010 @ 17:06:04

    thank you bro..
    this dream is worth dreaming. as one day out of all possibilities I’ll wake up in heaven. that is the end of living in mad world for me.



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