Give and Take:

I never heard anyone telling me, “Give party and take back the party”, “Give Gifts and take back the gifts”, until today, when a friend told me about some interesting concept.

He believes that the world behaves as we behave. He says, “What we give out to this world will return back to us in some form”. I knew this concept before; but not as deep as his belief.

I usually don’t care about how much I give and not how much I take. This friend, who I am talking about, never takes anything from me, unless he is capable of giving something in return. I tell him, “I don’t want anything in return”. But he responds, “I don’t want to mess with the concept, so I don’t accept anything, even though if it is a gift”. I feel that’s strange! When asked how he learnt this concept, he replies that it is through his roots.

Jonna Suresh


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  1. bhaskar
    Apr 01, 2010 @ 17:30:37

    I do have give and take policy
    but I’m always on the unfair side.just bcos people don’t have helping nature( naturally or by genes. )
    I should have better at policies next time.
    ” Give more and take less”(not being greedy)



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